Sunday, January 12, 2020

FIFA ranking: February 2020 probable results

Here are the scheduled matches counting for the FIFA February 2020 ranking with FIFA's Expected Home Win Probability (We) in % and the points exchanged in case of Win, Draw or Loss of the home team. In cases where matches can go to PSO, also the points exchanged when the home team wins (PSO-W) or loses (PSO-L) the penalty shoot-out are given.
Also the already played matches since December 16th, (probably) counting for the February ranking, are presented.

FIFA ranking: February 2020 probable ranking

These are quiet times in international football. Only the final matchday of the East Asian Championship 2019 and a few friendlies are played since the December 2019 ranking. The Bangabandhu Cup in Bangladesh (counting as friendlies) and some more friendlies are scheduled.

But there's something to spice it up: the fight for the final place in the CONCACAF Hexagonal this autumn between El Salvador and Canada is already casting it's shadow ahead. At the moment there's only a 15 points gap between them in favor of El Salvador, but both have only friendlies to play between now and the July 2020 ranking to improve or maintain position. The July ranking will probably be used to seed the draw for the CONCACAF qualifying groups for the World Cup 2022 in Qatar as there is no June 2020 ranking foreseen by FIFA.