Sunday, June 26, 2022

UEFA Nations League 2022/23 simulations (June 2022)

The June window saw 4 match days in the group stage of the UEFA Nations League 2022/2023. The remaining two match days will be played in the September window.

There were in league A some quite surprising results: notably France and England -although not playing with obviously weakened teams- performed well below par. On the other hand Hungary, Croatia, Denmark and the Netherlands performed much better than expected.

In league B the effect of Russia's suspension on the way the overall UNL ranking will be calculated is not published by UEFA. I assume the teams in league B finishing on positions one to three in each group are sorted in the UNL ranking on group results without the matches against the group number four taken into account. That way the results of the teams in group B-2 are comparable with the other teams in league B.

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

FIFA ranking: June 2022 final preview

FIFA will publish the ranking on Thursday June 23rd. This final preview contains 286 matches, out of 320 matches played since March 31st.

Quite some movement to be seen because there was a lot of action around the globe this June window. Also in the top region of the ranking, because of Nations League matches, both in Europe and North and Central America, with surprising results.