Sunday, May 26, 2024

UEFA EURO 2024 simulations (May 2024)

The UEFA EURO 2024 will be played between June 14th and July 14th in Germany. It's a 24-team tournament in the now known format with 6 groups of 4 teams and with, besides the group numbers one and two, the four best group numbers three also progressing to the first knock-out round, the round of 16.

The complete tournament schedule plus already scheduled friendlies with UEFA teams involved in the June window are simulated.

Qualification World Cup 2026 10.000 simulations (May 2024)

In the qualification tournaments for the World Cup 2026 Asia plays the final two matchdays for their first group stage in the upcoming June window. The 18 group winners and runners-up of the 9 groups qualify for stage 3 of Asian qualification: another group stage with 3 groups of 6 teams to start  this Autumn, playing a full 10MD-long double round robin schedule to conclude in June next year. Draw for this stage will probably be done somewhere in July with seeding based on the June 2024 ranking.

Africa continues in June their 10 MD-long group stage with match days 3 and 4, while North and Central America and the Caribbean starts with the first two match days in their only 4MD-long single round robin stage 2 group stage.

Saturday, May 25, 2024

FIFA ranking: June 2024 probable ranking

Here is the probable June 2024 ranking, to be published on Thursday June 20th. In the upcoming June window matches will be played for:

- match days 5 and 6 (to a finish) in the groups for AFC World Cup 2026 qualification stage 2;

- match days 1 and 2 in the groups for CONCACAF World Cup 2026 qualification stage 2;

- match days 3 and 4 in the groups for CAF World Cup 2026 qualification stage 1;

- lots of preparatory friendlies for the continental finals starting mid June: EURO, Copa America and OFC Nations Cup.

There are a few uncertainties around this ranking.

FIFA ranking: June 2024 probable results

Here are the probable results of all 192 played and currently scheduled matches up to and including June 11th, used to calculate the June 2024 probable ranking. The results are generated using elo ratings. Also the already played matches since April 1st, (probably) counting for the June ranking, are presented.