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2010 WCQ CAF - Seeding criteria

Great find by jonny63. These are the seeding criteria for the second group stage of the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa and Angola 2010 African Cup of Nations qualifiers.

Criteria for designation of seeded teams for the combined preliminaries of the South Africa 2010 World Cup and Angola 2010 ACN has been approved.

The criteria are as follows:

The sum of the points accumulated in conformity of the following three criteria will be added in order to determine the five teams who will be in the first pot, those who will be in the second pot and so on.

Criteria No. 1

The number of points obtained during the group matches of the first round. Each team will play six matches in this round having the possibility of reaching a maximum total points of 18. Each team among the 20 who will qualify to the second round will keep the points that they obtained during the first round.

Criteria No. 2

The classification during the final tournament of the African Cup of Nations 2008 in Ghana will be taken into consideration.

At the end of the competition, the teams will be classified from 1 to 16. The Africa Champion will get 16 points, the runner-up 15 and the team coming at the third place 14 and finally the team coming at the last place will get only one point.

The countries who will qualify to the second round and which did not qualify to the finals of the African Cup of Nations 2008 will receive one point each under this criterion.

Criteria No. 3

The 20 teams having qualified to the second round will be classified from 1 to 20 in conformity to their last FIFA ranking before the date scheduled for the draw of the second round.

The team coming in the first place will get 20 points, the second 19 points and the team coming at the 20th place will get one point.

The points obtained by adding the points obtained in each one of the above mentioned criteria will be added.

The first five teams will be placed in the pot No. 1, the teams from 6 to 10 in the pot No. 2, the teams from 11 to 15 in the third pot and the teams from 16 to 20 in the fourth pot.

Each group in the second round will comprise one team from each one of the 4 pots.

See the article at CAFOnline.com.

With Eritrea withdrawing from Group 11, there's a problem with the first criteria, as the teams qualifying out of this group will have at most 12 points.

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