Friday, September 16, 2011

FIFA Ranking: Brazil fall to 7th

The Argentina - Brazil friendly played on August 14 finished 0 - 0. This is the September 2011 top 10:

September 2011 rank - Team - September 2011 points - +/- Ranking - +/- Points

1 Spain 1605 1 42
2 Netherlands 1571 -1 -25
3 Germany 1290 0 -40
4 Uruguay 1184 1 10
5 Portugal 1158 3 98
6 Italy 1142 1 32
7 Brazil 1132 -1 -24
8 England 1089 -4 -88
9 Croatia 1057 1 48
10 Argentina 1024 -1 7

The ranking outside of the top 10 remains unchanged from the final preview.

A Seleção drop to 7th. This is their worst ever position in the last 18 years - since August 1993, the first edition of the FIFA ranking when they were ranked 8th.

Brazil were ranked 6th on three occasions: August 2008, September 2008 and August 2011.

Before anyone says: "This is because they will host the 2014 FIFA World Cup and they have no competitive matches", let me remind you the 2014 World Cup CONMEBOL qualifiers only start next month.

Elo and SPI both have Brazil 4th.

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  1. It's no wonder they appear to be struggling (by their standards) when their players are all developed with the sole aim of being sold to European clubs.

  2. Let the hunt begin anew. Let's go England! Hunt down Brazil!

  3. So even before they start playimg low point friendlies, they have fallen...Will only get worse from here..good thing they are hosting otherwise not even seed worthy by 2013..imagine Brazil going to 20th!!

  4. Considering Brazil will host next World Cup and Copa América, the ranking for them has zero value.

  5. Is there a chance England will be surpassed by Croatia before the Euro 2012 draw? That might get us a group with Spain & Germany & England and make the group phase exciting.

  6. @anonymous
    UEFA has its own rankings:

  7. Goodbye, 4th place. It was pleasing while it lasted :)

  8. Haha, Lorric... I can say the same:

    Goodbye 1st place, see you next time around.

  9. Considering Brazil will host next World Cup and Copa América, the ranking for them has zero value.

    Theoretically you're right. In practice, this will generate immense pressure on the manager to get results.