Friday, September 7, 2012

Confusion in Indian football (II)

Different manager, same lack of knowledge about the rankings.

India's chief football coach Wim Koevarmans said that India must play on dates designated by world body FIFA for friendlies if they want to go up in international rankings.

That's sort of an urban myth. Plenty of teams play friendlies outside of the designated FIFA dates and their matches still count for the ranking calculation.
The matches Cameroon played in the Nehru Cup could have been considered "A" matches if the AIFF would have added a special clause in the contract the Cameroon FA signed. There have been other occasions when a FA fielded a "B" team, but due to the contract the match was considered an international "A" match.

However, would it have made a difference for India's ranking? India are 169th with 105 points in the September ranking.

Assuming FIFA would have included matches up to Sunday, thus adding the two matches against Cameroon (a loss and a PSO win), India would have had 111 points - tied for 168th with Indonesia. Nothing to write home about.

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