I can provide services for national football associations and for the media.


Having trouble understanding the ranking? Do you need an in-depth analysis for one of your articles? Feel free to contact me.

Football Associations

Looking to improve your FIFA ranking? Use the e-mail address from my profile to contact me. A word of warning - my services are not for free. Also, please note I might not be able to provide consulting, as previous agreements prevent me from working with certain federations.

Details about my services.

Based on the data I provide, the technical department of the football association will know:

- when to play friendlies and when not to
- which team is the best opponent for a given date in order to climb in the ranking
- how to peak at the right moment from a FIFA ranking point of view (just before the draw for the qualifiers/play-offs/final tournament).

The cost of the services depends on the current FIFA ranking of a team and its target. It's one thing to strive for a top 100 place and quite another to look to land a seeded spot for the World Cup final draw. Of course, financial details will be discussed on a case-by-case basis. A non-disclosure agreement will be in the contract.

About me:

Software engineer, happily unmarried and non-religious. You won't find me on Twitter or other so called social media. Dutchman, joined the blog in March 2018.


  1. This is all very impressive. Great job! Just out of curiosity: can you reveal how many and what level of federations you have helped? And do you think that most of the big nations (top 50) have analysts for this kind of job?

  2. I can't reveal that.

    In general, National football associations are not interested in the consequences of the results of their A team on rankings and seeding pots for draws.

    Although... recently Kasper Hjulmand (coach of Denmark) mentioned it explicitly in his pre-match press-conference at the start of the UNL 2022 group stage. But it is the exception to the rule.

    I don't know if top associations have expert analysts employed just for this topic. The more data-driven a training staff is, the more likely this topic will be covered professionally also.