Friday, November 26, 2010

FIFA Ranking: December 2010 probable results (III)

Here are the probable results used for the December 2010 probable ranking (III). They are generated using the Elo Ratings.

Included knock-out stages for the Gulf Cup, Caribbean Championship and CECAFA Cup.

1 - First team wins
X - Draw
2 - Second team wins

26/Nov Bahrain - Iraq X (Friendly)
26/Nov Oman - United Arab Emirates X (Friendly)
26/Nov Singapore - Laos 1 (Friendly)
26/Nov Trinidad and Tobago - Cuba X (Continental Qualifier)
27/Nov Tanzania - Zambia X (Friendly)
27/Nov Burundi - Somalia 1 (Friendly)
27/Nov Jamaica - Antigua and Barbuda 1 (Continental Qualifier)
28/Nov Yemen - Kuwait 2 (Friendly)
28/Nov Qatar - Saudi Arabia 2 (Friendly)
28/Nov Grenada - Trinidad and Tobago 2 (Continental Qualifier)
29/Nov Oman - Iraq X (Friendly)
29/Nov United Arab Emirates - Bahrain X (Friendly)
29/Nov Malawi - Kenya X (Friendly)
29/Nov Uganda - Ethiopia 1 (Friendly)
29/Nov Antigua and Barbuda - Guyana X (Continental Qualifier)
30/Nov Tanzania - Somalia 1 (Friendly)
30/Nov Zambia - Burundi 1 (Friendly)
30/Nov Cuba - Grenada 1 (Continental Qualifier)
01/Dec Sudan - Rwanda X (Friendly)
01/Dec Thailand - Laos 1 (Friendly)
01/Dec Indonesia - Malaysia 1 (Friendly)
01/Dec Guyana - Jamaica 2 (Continental Qualifier)
02/Dec Ethiopia - Kenya X (Friendly)
02/Dec Malawi - Uganda 2 (Friendly)
02/Dec Singapore - Philippines 1 (Friendly)
02/Dec Vietnam - Myanmar 1 (Friendly)
02/Dec Saudi Arabia - Bahrain 1 (Friendly)
02/Dec Oman - Kuwait X Kuwait PSO (Friendly)
03/Dec Zambia - Somalia 1 (Friendly)
03/Dec Tanzania - Burundi 1 (Friendly)
04/Dec Thailand - Malaysia 1 (Friendly)
04/Dec Indonesia - Laos 1 (Friendly)
05/Dec Malawi - Ethiopia X (Friendly)
05/Dec Uganda - Kenya 1 (Friendly)
05/Dec Singapore - Myanmar 1 (Friendly)
05/Dec Vietnam - Philippines 1 (Friendly)
05/Dec Saudi Arabia - Kuwait 1 (Friendly)
05/Dec Jamaica - Trinidad and Tobago X Jamaica PSO (Continental Qualifier)
07/Dec Malaysia - Laos 1 (Friendly)
07/Dec Indonesia - Thailand X (Friendly)
07/Dec Zambia - Burundi 1 (Friendly)
07/Dec Sudan - Malawi X Malawi PSO (Friendly)
08/Dec Myanmar - Philippines 1 (Friendly)
08/Dec Vietnam - Singapore X (Friendly)
08/Dec Uganda - Rwanda 1 (Friendly)
09/Dec Zambia - Malawi 1 (Friendly)

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  1. 10/Dec Poland - Bosnia-Herzegovina (Friendly) will not be incuded?

  2. The official deadline for matches to be included is the Thursday before the release date. So for the next ranking, released on 15 Dec, all matches on or before 9 Dec will be included.

    However, FIFA sometimes choose to include additional matches after the official deadline (but never later than the Sunday before the release date). So maybe this match will be included, or maybe not.

  3. I wouldn't consider Singapore v Laos. Singapore used 11 substitutes, changing each starting playing during the game.

  4. @Alex



    Thanks! It seems FIFA have removed this match.

  5. All your games from Gulf Cup are wrong.

    Iraq beated Bahrain 3-2. Iraq also tied UAE (11/23)and kuwait (11/17) that you have not listed.

    02/Dec Saudi Arabia - Bahrain. Saudi beated UAE, not bahrain.

    02/Dec Oman - Kuwait X Kuwait PSO. Kuwait beated Iraq in PSO, not Oman.

  6. @Beckhamano

    The key word in this post is "generated". Look at the date of the post.

    One of these days I will write a Help section or something.

  7. I'm relaxed, don't worry. You're not the first person to tell me about "wrong results", so a help section is needed.