Friday, December 7, 2012

FIFA Ranking: December 2012 probable results (IV)

Here are the probable results used for the December 2012 probable ranking. They are generated using the Elo Ratings.

Before posting comments like: "Hey my team actually beat the other team! It's a mistake!" please read the previous paragraph again and look when these results were posted (Yes, before the matches actually took place!) ;)

1 - First team wins
X - Draw
2 - Second team wins

07/Dec Antigua and Barbuda - Dominican Republic 1 (Continental Qualifier)
07/Dec Guam - Australia 2 (Friendly)
07/Dec Haiti - Trinidad and Tobago X (Continental Qualifier)
07/Dec Hong Kong - Chinese Taipei 1 (Friendly)
08/Dec Kuwait - Palestine 1 (Friendly)
08/Dec Oman - Lebanon 1 (Friendly)
08/Dec Philippines - Singapore X (Friendly)
08/Dec Uganda - Kenya 1 (Friendly)
09/Dec Antigua and Barbuda - Trinidad and Tobago 2 (Continental Qualifier)
09/Dec Australia - Chinese Taipei 1 (Friendly)
09/Dec Bahrain - Yemen 1 (Friendly)
09/Dec Dominican Republic - Haiti 2 (Continental Qualifier)
09/Dec Hong Kong - Korea DPR 2 (Friendly)
09/Dec Iran - Saudi Arabia 1 (Friendly)
09/Dec Malaysia - Thailand 2 (Friendly)
10/Dec Iraq - Jordan X (Friendly)
11/Dec Antigua and Barbuda - Haiti X (Continental Qualifier)
11/Dec Kuwait - Oman X (Friendly)
11/Dec Lebanon - Palestine X (Friendly)
11/Dec Trinidad and Tobago - Dominican Republic 1 (Continental Qualifier)
12/Dec Iran - Bahrain 1 (Friendly)
12/Dec Jamaica - Cuba 1 (Continental Qualifier)
12/Dec Morocco - Niger 1 (Friendly)
12/Dec Singapore - Philippines 1 (Friendly)
12/Dec Yemen - Saudi Arabia 2 (Friendly)
13/Dec Iraq - Syria 1 (Friendly)
13/Dec Thailand - Malaysia 1 (Friendly)
14/Dec Haiti - Jamaica 2 (Continental Qualifier)
14/Dec Kuwait - Lebanon 1 (Friendly)
14/Dec Oman - Palestine 1 (Friendly)
15/Dec Bahrain - Saudi Arabia X (Friendly)
15/Dec Iran - Yemen 1 (Friendly)
16/Dec Jordan - Syria X (Friendly)
16/Dec Trinidad and Tobago - Jamaica 2 (Continental Qualifier)

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  1. Haiti have exceeded your expectations by getting a victory over Antigua and Barbuda to go with the other two results which were predicted correctly.

    Haiti will face Cuba in the semis.

    Jamaica finished dead last in their group! The best team in the Caribbean will not be at the Gold Cup.

  2. Yeah, some surprises there !

    Haiti could reach 734 FIFA points if they go all the way with wins against Cuba in the semis and against Trinidad in the final. If Martinique reaches the final and Haiti wins they will have 699 points. Somewhere around 34th spot in the December ranking.

    Even if they lose their semis and 3rd place play-off Haiti will be third in the CONCACAF-ranking.
    Mission accomplished for now. Then wait and see what Panama, Honduras and Costa Rica will do in the UNCAF Cup in January.

  3. I expect some heads to roll at the JFF.

    1. Is that Jamaican Football Federation?

      It's a funny one though, the flipside is Jamaica are the only Caribbean team to make the Hex. I think they probably underestimated the competition since they've dominated it in recent years.