Friday, November 9, 2012

FIFA Ranking: November 2012 differences

You might have noticed Uganda's and Zambia's points in the official November 2012 FIFA ranking were different from the ones in my November 2012 final preview.

As Ed already noticed, FIFA changed the PSO algorithm after I've sent them an e-mail. Uganda got the full 3 points, while Zambia got 0, instead of the previous method of calculation: 1 for Uganda, 2 for Zambia.

However, there is still another PSO match that wasn't fixed. On 12 July 2011, St. Lucia won against Aruba 4 - 2 (5:4 PSO) after losing the first leg 4 - 2 in Aruba (during the 2014 FIFA World Cup preliminary round).

St. Lucia should have 7 points more (182 instead of 175), while Aruba should have 11 points less (143 instead of 154).

For a couple of hours there were also differences for Thailand and Laos, but FIFA fixed them after another e-mail. They had mistakenly included the Thailand - Laos friendly in the calculation, although that match was no longer an "A" match.

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  1. Iran 6-1 Tajikistan (6/11) not included in ranking November. Tajikistan 211 points not 225 points. FIFA will be fix in ranking next month ??

  2. It was after the deadline. Will be included next month.

  3. Edgar,

    why don't you mention the match Mozambique-Tanzania (17/6/2012), a second round qualifier for the AFCON 2013 which after two legs (both ended in 1:1) was decided by PSO (8:7 for Mozambique) ?
    Is it because Mozambique and Tanzania were not disadvantaged when applying the old PSO-rule (MOZ got 2 points for the PSO-win instead of 1 if just the result of the second leg was used and TAN got 1 point anyway) ?

    My question is actually: any idea what will be the new PSO-rule that FIFA will apply from now on ? Or, any suggestions what the new rule should be ?

  4. @ ED
    I don't think it will be a change for PSO rule (2pts for winner, 1 for loser).The only change is concerned to 2 legs system in which real win was not considered in FIFA Ranking pts as win(3pts), in case PSO needed to decide the aggregate result. Thanks for you & Edgar efforts to let FIFA right/fair decision now.

    1. Hi Tarek,

      Indeed, the PSO-rule should be applied 'as it is' in single match situations, but I think there has to be the same exclusion for PSO-decisions in 2-legged play-offs as UEFA applies for their country coefficient: the result of the second leg is used without the PSO-decision, regardless if that result was a win or a draw.
      But that as a consequence leads to MOZ getting only 1 point for the second leg in the example I described.