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Friday, September 25, 2015

AFC MA Ranking: Tajikistan eyeing Champions League

AFC announced the MA ranking in November 2014, using the October 2014 FIFA ranking for the NT ranking part of the formula. So should they announce a new ranking (possibly used to determine the allocations for the 2017 club competitions), Singapore are in for some bad news.

Here's how things stand after the quarterfinals of the AFC Champions League and AFC Cup.

UEFA Nations League update (25 September 2015)

All you need to know about this competition can be found on

The coefficient used for the first edition draw will be made up of:

2014 World Cup (qualifiers and final tournament) - 20% of total weighting
EURO 2016 (qualifiers and final tournament) - 40% of total weighting
2018 World Cup (qualifiers) - 40% of total weighting.

Best and worst teams to play against in October

This is based on (FIFA points for a win) / (actual effort from Elo rating).

I took into account only teams that would bring at least 200 points for a win.

September 2015: Recommended friendly impact

The best opponent to play against is determined using a combination of Elo ratings and FIFA rankings. Let's look at the September 2015 FIFA ranking and we'll see the impact of one extra friendly. The difference in ranking is computed assuming all things remain equal, except the points of the given team and their recommended opponent.

The most popular opponent were Faroe Islands (118), followed by Albania (47) and Bhutan (31).

Friday, September 11, 2015

EURO 2016 qualifying simulations (11 September 2015)

As usual with competition/pot sims, I used ClubElo's expected goals formula. Games up to and including 10 September 2015.

Best 3rd most like to come out of group:

FIFA Ranking: October 2015 final preview

FIFA will publish the ranking on 1 October.

Top 40 already set.

Only two matches left - both friendlies.