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Friday, October 25, 2013

FIFA Ranking: November 2013 probable ranking

Probable results computed using the Elo Ratings. See the list of results used for this ranking.

Based on these probable results:

Mexico, Uruguay, Portugal, France, Greece, Croatia, Nigeria, Côte d'Ivoire, Cameroon, Ghana and Algeria will grab their Brazil tickets.

The pots for the final draw would look like this (France in pot 3 as the worst ranked UEFA team)

Pot 1: Brazil, Spain, Germany, Argentina, Colombia, Belgium, Uruguay, Switzerland
Pot 2: Japan, Australia, Iran, Korea Republic, Costa Rica, USA, Honduras, Mexico
Pot 3: Nigeria, Côte d'Ivoire, Cameroon, Ghana, Algeria, Chile, Ecuador, France
Pot 4: Netherlands, Italy, Russia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, England, Portugal, Greece, Croatia

FIFA Ranking: November 2013 probable results

Here are the probable results used for the November 2013 probable ranking. They are generated using the Elo Ratings.

Before posting comments like: "Hey my team actually beat the other team! It's a mistake!" please read the previous paragraph again and look when these results were posted (Yes, before the matches actually took place!) ;)

1 - First team wins
X - Draw
2 - Second team wins

FIFA Ranking: November 2013 preview

Next update: 22 November 2013.

Most points gained (worst case scenario):

149 - Cuba
36 - Cape Verde Islands
35 - Slovenia
34 - Albania
33 - Israel
32 - Hungary
31 - Haiti
29 - Armenia
27 - Congo
26 - Burundi

EURO 2016 qualifying draw seeding (25 October 2013)

Next update: November 2013.

The coefficients for the EURO 2016 qualifying draw will take into account results from:

2010 World Cup (qualifiers and final tournament) - 20% of total weighting
EURO 2012 (qualifiers and final tournament) - 40% of total weighting
2014 World Cup (qualifiers) - 40% of total weighting

Click here for more info on the coefficient system.

France will host the final tournament.

UEFA considering Nations League competition

In a bid to make international football more attractive, UEFA is a looking at a Nations League competition.

The idea, floated at executive committee meetings that preceded aUefa meeting in Dubrovnik last month, would see Uefa using existing dates for friendlies in the international calendar to launch a new league involving all 54 member nations.

Uefa sources have told the Guardian that the idea was one of several floated at the meeting as part of a discussion about how to improve the attractiveness of international football from 2018 onwards. The Uefa executive committee will now examine the idea in more detail before deciding whether to adopt it.

October 2013 FIFA ranking used for World Cup final draw

Yes, a bit of old news, but I have been really busy both at home and at the office, then had a short vacation.

Hats off to FIFA about announcing this before the last match day. Maybe next time it will be known before the preliminary draw.

Here's the official media release from FIFA.

Regarding the procedure for the Final Draw for the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil, the seeded teams (Pot 1) will include Brazil and the seven top-ranked teams. The remaining pots will be based on geographic and sports criteria. The FIFA/Coca-Cola World Ranking of October 2013 (to be released on 17 Oct. 2013) will be used as opposed to the November ranking as the latter would give the teams involved in the upcoming play-off games an unfair advantage.

UEFA Under-21 Championship finals to remain in odd years

UEFA officials can't quite make up their minds about the Under-21 championship.

Initially played in even years, the finals were moved to odd years starting from 2007, "to allow it to step out of the shadow of the UEFA European Football Championship and the FIFA World Cup."

In 2012, they announced it will be switched to even years after 2015 in order "to align the qualifying phase of the competition with that of the national A teams".

However, last month, UEFA approved the member associations' request to maintain the finals in odd years.

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