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Answers to frequent questions/comments - will update if needed.

1. Who are you?

My name is Ed Jägers. I'm a Dutchman, living in Delft. I'm a software engineer.
I took this blog over in April 2018 from Eduard Rănghiuc, a Romanian programmer, living in Iasi. He's the founder of this blog, starting in 2007, when the FIFA ranking was quite a mess after a major reform in 2006. He provided a relevant platform for those interested in the mechanics of the ranking calculation. After that all kinds of rankings, seedings and prognosis followed quickly. And that's still the main subject of this blog.

2. Do you have a Facebook account?

No. I do use Twitter though: @FootballRanks. You can also find me on LinkedIn.

3. How many points would team X have in the FIFA ranking if... ?

Fifa used to have a prognosis tool but with the introduction of the new calculation method in Summer 2018 this tool was disabled. The way to get a reliable answer, is to post a comment with your question on this site.

4. I want to see where my team is ranked in the UEFA National Coefficient after the last matches and I just can't wait.

There are several sites on the internet posting updates. Also, see the last part of the previous answer.

5. Your probable results are wrong/laughable etc.

They are based on the Elo ratings not on personal opinion.

6. Send me an e-mail when you post something new or reply to my comment.

It would be better to subscribe to the posts and comments feed to keep track of when/what I write.

7. Do you work for FIFA?

No, I don't and I don't expect they will make an offer any time soon.

8. Did you ever receive money to help a team climb in the ranking?

Eduard did - from Amplistan - but I didn't. Anyone interested can always contact me though.

9. Could you post updates more frequently?

No, I only post articles and reply to comments when I have the time for it. I do have a job and a family - the blog is just a hobby.

10. How much money does this blog bring you?

The ads you see on my blog are displayed for free - so I make no money from my blog. See also question 8.

11. I represent a betting company and we could offer you a nice sum of money to display some of our ads.

Thanks, I have to pass as betting companies are definitely not my cup of tea.

12. I have a sport related site, how about a link exchange? It will increase the number of visits you get etc.

I get enough visits and I have a policy - I won't post a link to your page if I don't visit it regularly.

13. I have a domain for sale - it's an amazing opportunity to expand your online footprint.

What is that? No, thanks.

14. Why don't you rate Botswana? (replace with other team if needed)

It's not about me rating a team or not. There's a formula behind the rankings.

About me:

Software engineer, happily unmarried and non-religious. You won't find me on Twitter or other so called social media. Dutchman, joined the blog in March 2018.