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Friday, December 9, 2011

FIFA Ranking: FIFA recompute October ranking

I wrote two weeks ago about a couple of errors in the November ranking.

As EngelRS4 announced in this comment, FIFA have changed the October 2011 FIFA ranking, by computing the ranking without two matches that have lost "A" match status: Korea Republic - Poland 2 - 2 and Ethiopia - Sudan 1 - 2, both played in October 2011. That's a new approach, as FIFA usually didn't recompute the rankings when a match lost "A" status.

What teams were affected by this change?

Korea Republic climb two places from 31st to 29th - tied with Egypt.
Colombia drop one place from 30th to 31st.
Ethiopia climb from 136th to 135th, swapping places with Kenya.

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  1. Well, first of all I’m pretty flattered to read you mentioned my comment…:)
    … although actually FIFA didn’t really “re”-computed the figures, because the calculation of November points was correct, as it already used the changed ranking positions of October…
    so they actually only “adapted” the shown values to those which they used as calculation factors

    btw. I’m curious:)
    do you have some examples of matches, which lost “A” status later (meaning after the correspondent ranking list had already been published)?

  2. As I said - they did recompute the October ranking without those matches.

    See this post for removed matches.