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Monday, September 27, 2010

CONCACAF petition FIFA for four spots

It's official.

At the 2010 CONCACAF Extraordinary Congress, Jack Warner announced CONCACAF will try to get four places for Brazil 2014.

The CONCACAF Executive Committee a day earlier unanimously voted to petition FIFA for four spots in the 2014 World Cup.

"Our members made it very clear today that we need four places," Warner said. "Our region is united behind this position."

Sepp Blatter, invited at the Congress, said in his speech: "The Fifa Executive Committee will definitely take a closer look at the possibility of a fourth spot for CONCACAF".

It remains to be seen if the FIFA EXCO will alter the allocation of places for the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

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  1. I surely agree with this petition their are teams in the CONCACAF area that have nice football and cannot show it to the world because of where they are.

  2. I believe Honduras and Trinidad perfomances clearly prove that thay don't deserve 4th direct spot.

  3. i think that as usa and mexico stroll into each world cup and the rest of the confederation is rubbish that they should have 2.5 places. UEFA deserves an extra place, that's were the quality is....and no I am not from Europe.

  4. Last years World Cup performance from England, France, Greece, Italy, Serbia, Slovenia.. clearly shows there's some rubbish in UEFA too.

  5. While I would like CONCACAF to have 4 slots; recently FIFA has typically given the non power confederation's (AFC,CAF, and CONCACAF) a spot for 10 members. CONCACAF has 35 FIFA members thus 3.5 spots allocated, AFC 46 thus 4.5 spots, and CAF 53 members thus 5 slots. OFC gets .5 becuase they are perceived as a weak confederation. The non powers had 13.5 (became 14 with Australia) in 2006 and (14.5) finished with 14 in 2010. Keep in mind CAF hosted 2010. It would be unfair for South America to get a chance at 6 total slots; becuase they only have 10 members. Yet, the South Americans will point to their 2010 performance of 5 teams in the top 10.If the U.S.would have beaten Ghana in 2006 and/or 2010 the CONCACAF case would be much stronger and look valid. Canadians purchased the most tickets of a non participating nation in 2010; which could figure in the decision. FIFA could also look at who actually participated in playing matches which could change the calculation. Another possibility could be a playoff between CONCACAF and OFC. Thus, it will be interesting to see what happens

  6. The only way this to be fair, it would take away one from Asia. It won't going to happen.

    But, since Concacaf knows that, their target must be in another place. It's actually well know. They want to pick one out of South America; and that would be preposterous!

  7. Sancho, 5 out of 10 associations will be guaranteed a spot out of South America. That is one half of the associations last time I checked. I don't think Ecuador even had a .500 winning percentage in qualifiers(that with the huge home field advantage of ultra high altitude). Costa Rica took 16 points out of the final stage of qualifiers; the most by a fourth place team since CONCACAF went to the six team final stage. I would not say that Slovenia has a garbage team; yet a match fixing referee made sure they did not lose to the US. Keep in mind that Italy and France were in the two easiest groups and look what happened.