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Friday, October 1, 2010

CONMEBOL determined to keep their allocation

It didn't take long. After Jack Warner announced CONCACAF have petitioned FIFA for 4 places (up from 3.5 they had for the 2010 World Cup), CONMEBOL announced they are determined to keep their 4.5 spots.

Interesting to see CAF also want to keep 6 spots for the 2014 finals. That's something I haven't heard before.

As you can see, Blatter was right when he said CONCACAF's bid for a fourth spot will be a struggle.

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  1. As I've said before, the only way this Concacaf's claim to be fair, it would be taking away one spot from Asia. It won't going to happen.

    Their target was obviously South America all along; and since that would be ridiculous, Conmebol answer was fast.

    CAF has no power to ask for an sixth spot after the continent result in the last WC.

  2. In the linked article it said that South America wants at least 4 qualifier spots. At least 5 total spots are guaranteed to South America. The fight is over whether South America should have a chance at 6 total spots. A solution could happen if Europe has 12.5 slots. A possible solution could have Asia at 4.5 slots, Oceania .5 slot, Africa at 5 slots, Europe at 12.5 slots, South America with 4.5 qualifier slots and North America at 4 slots. Brazil gets the spot as the host which would add up to 32 slots. The playoff would involve Asia 5 vs. Oceania, and South America team vs. European team.