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Friday, November 25, 2011

FIFA Ranking: December 2011 probable results

Here are the probable results used for the December 2011 probable ranking. They are generated using the Elo Ratings.

Before posting comments like: "Hey my team actually beat the other team! It's a mistake!" please read the previous paragraph again and look when these results were posted (Yes, before the matches actually took place!) ;)

1 - First team wins
X - Draw
2 - Second team wins

25/Nov Burundi - Somalia 1 (Friendly)
26/Nov Samoa - American Samoa 1 (FIFA World Cup Qualifier)
26/Nov Tanzania - Rwanda 1 (Friendly)
26/Nov Tonga - Cook Islands X (FIFA World Cup Qualifier)
28/Nov Sudan - Ethiopia 1 (Friendly)
28/Nov Kenya - Malawi 2 (Friendly)
28/Nov Somalia - Uganda 2 (Friendly)
29/Nov India - Zambia 2 (Friendly)
29/Nov Tanzania - Djibouti 1 (Friendly)
30/Nov Ethiopia - Kenya X (Friendly)
30/Nov Malawi - Sudan X (Friendly)
01/Dec Burundi - Uganda 2 (Friendly)
02/Dec Bangladesh - Pakistan 1 (Friendly)
02/Dec Maldives - Nepal 1 (Friendly)
02/Dec Suriname - Aruba 1 (Friendly)
02/Dec Rwanda - Djibouti 1 (Friendly)
02/Dec Ethiopia - Malawi 2 (Friendly)
02/Dec Suriname - Aruba 1 (Friendly)
03/Dec Sri Lanka - Bhutan 1 (Friendly)
03/Dec India - Afghanistan 1 (Friendly)
03/Dec Kenya - Sudan 2 (Friendly)
04/Dec Maldives - Pakistan 1 (Friendly)
04/Dec Bangladesh - Nepal X (Friendly)
05/Dec India - Bhutan 1 (Friendly)
05/Dec Sri Lanka - Afghanistan X (Friendly)
05/Dec Tanzania - Burundi 1 (Friendly)
06/Dec Maldives - Bangladesh 1 (Friendly)
06/Dec Pakistan - Nepal 2 (Friendly)
06/Dec Malawi - Kenya 1 (Friendly)
06/Dec Uganda - Rwanda 1 (Friendly)
07/Dec India - Sri Lanka 1 (Friendly)
07/Dec Bhutan - Afghanistan 2 (Friendly)
08/Dec Sudan - Tanzania X Tanzania PSO (Friendly)
08/Dec Malawi - Uganda 2 (Friendly)
09/Dec India - Bangladesh 1 (Friendly)
09/Dec Maldives - Sri Lanka 1 (Friendly)
10/Dec Malawi - Sudan X Malawi PSO (Friendly)
10/Dec Tanzania - Uganda 2 (Friendly)
10/Dec Qatar - Bahrain 1 (Friendly)
11/Dec India - Maldives 1 (Friendly)
11/Dec Cuba - Costa Rica 2 (Friendly)
11/Dec Saudi Arabia - Oman X (Friendly)
11/Dec Libya - Sudan 1 (Friendly)
11/Dec Kuwait - Somalia 1 (Friendly)
11/Dec Jordan - Palestine 1 (Friendly)
13/Dec Bahrain - Iraq 2 (Friendly)
14/Dec Angola - Congo DR 1 (Friendly)
14/Dec Oman - Kuwait X (Friendly)
14/Dec Sudan - Jordan 2 (Friendly)
14/Dec Palestine - Libya 2 (Friendly)
14/Dec Somalia - Saudi Arabia 2 (Friendly)

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  1. do these values

    08/Dec Sudan - Tanzania X Tanzania PSO (Friendly)
    10/Dec Malawi - Sudan X Malawi PSO (Friendly)

    mean that the country after the "X" has won by PSO, and thus got 2 instead of 3 points?

  2. @Anonymous: Yes, I believe that's what it means.

  3. Why aren't the matches included, which were played at Nov, 22nd / 24th, because actually these results should go into December-ranking...?

  4. @EngelRS4: This post was on 25 November, after those matches had been played. Edgar has included them in the December probable ranking, but using the actual results instead of probable ones.

  5. @Alex
    Thanks for your help! :)

    ...and do you know why Aruba plays 2 friendlies against Suriname at the same date (02/Dec)?

  6. I hadn't even noticed that! I think that is probably a mistake in the list.

    These teams are playing in the ABCS tournament. Probably, if they use a similar format to last year, Suriname-Aruba and Curacao-Bonaire will be the semifinals on 2 December (the latter would not be a FIFA 'A' match, of course), with the 3rd-place match and final on 4 December.

  7. @Alex
    Well, but the weird thing is that if you use the Ranking Tool for Aruba, then there are also these 2 matches shown, but 1 is declared as a "Friendly 2011", and the other one as "ABCS Tournament"...?

  8. @alex , one of the matches on 2 . dec been removed. Maybe FIFA read you comment :)

  9. btw. I found 3 other cases, where 1 country played 2 matches at the same date...(although against another opponents):

    Saudi Arabia played against Gabon and Bulgaria

    Chile played against Northern Ireland and Israel

    Korea DPR played against Hong Kong (home) and Singapore (away)

  10. Regarding the X PSO - yes, it means the winner gets only 2 points.

    Suriname's 2 games - will fix it today - time allowing.

  11. what will be indian team possible ranking in december/