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Friday, November 25, 2011

New bugs in the FIFA Ranking

Take a look at the FIFA ranking.

In reverse order of importance.

1. The "POINTS IN THE PAST 4 YEARS" section is not displayed for San Marino. Granted, they have 0 points and this makes no difference, but this section is displayed when you click on Andorra - also with 0 points.

2. Seychelles and Maldives. Clicking on them you'll still see the October ranking info. Although, their points are OK in the table, the detailed ranking info is for October.

3. Grenada and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Their 1 - 1 draw on 15 October appears in the "POINTS LAST MONTH" section, although it was included in the October ranking.

4. Incorrect match points for 4 matches:

Team - Opponent - Result - FIFA Points - Correct Points

Argentina Colombia 2:1 1267.5 1275
Lebanon Korea Republic 2:1 1102.95 1090.05
Somalia Ethiopia 0:0 139.75 137.6
Venezuela Colombia 1:1 422.5 425

As Tobcoach and EngelRS4 pointed out, it could be caused by FIFA removing two matches: Korea Republic - Poland 2 - 2 and Ethiopia - Sudan 1 - 2. Most likely FIFA have recomputed the October ranking without those matches and used it to compute the November ranking.

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  1. There are also all kinds of problems with them not showing enough matches on the predictor.

  2. What was the reason of removed game KOR -POL?

  3. Korea Republic used 7 subs - 6 is the maximum for a friendly.

  4. FIFA has corrected the ranking for October...:)