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Friday, September 21, 2012

2015 UEFA European Under-21 Championship qualifying seeding (21 September 2012)

Next update: 19 October 2012.

As soon as the 2013 play-offs conclude we'll have the final coefficients for the 2015 qualifying round draw. The 2013 qualifying round draw took place on 3 February 2011, so I think the draw for the 2015 preliminaries will take place in late January / early February 2013.

Going by the 2013 procedure, there will be 4 pots of 10 teams and one of 12 teams.

Comparing the pots with those used for the 2013 qualifying draw, 13 teams have changed pots:

Switzerland and France moved from pot 2 to pot 1.
Scotland moved from pot 3 to pot 2.
Montenegro, Norway and Slovenia moved from pot 4 to pot 3.
Cyprus moved from pot 5 to pot 4.

Romania and Serbia moved from pot 1 to pot 2.
Belgium moved from pot 2 to pot 3.
Iceland and Moldova moved from pot 3 to pot 4.
Northern Ireland moved from pot 3 to pot 5.

What's going on with football in the Northern Ireland?

Rank - Team - Points
 1 Spain               38545
 2 England             33875
 3 Netherlands         32889
 4 Switzerland         32759
 5 Germany             32496
 6 Italy               31993
 7 Sweden              31388
 8 France              30812
 9 Russia              30492
10 Israel              30302
11 Romania             30285
12 Serbia              29084
13 Turkey              28842
14 Denmark             28666
15 Ukraine             28300
16 Scotland            28234
17 Portugal            27902
18 Austria             27577
19 Belarus             27473
20 Wales               27322
21 Greece              26951
22 Slovakia            26732
23 Belgium             25614
24 Hungary             25589
25 Armenia             25231
26 Croatia             25096
27 Montenegro          24014
28 Finland             23846
29 Norway              23414
30 Slovenia            23179
31 Bosnia-Herzegovina  23036
32 Poland              22176
33 Georgia             22111
34 Iceland             21958
35 Moldova             21646
36 Republic of Ireland 20471
37 Bulgaria            19464
38 Cyprus              19021
39 FYR Macedonia       18964
40 Latvia              18471
41 Northern Ireland    18214
42 Albania             16471
43 Faroe Islands       16036
44 Lithuania           15771
45 Azerbaijan          15376
46 Kazakhstan          15338
47 Estonia             15260
48 Malta               11863
49 Luxembourg          10638
50 Andorra              9013
51 Liechtenstein        8238
52 San Marino           8110

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  1. The numbers seem weird...Norway with 23014 ahead of Slovenia 23179 and Bosnia 23036?

    1. You're right - I had the minimum possible values for the teams involved in the play-off, but they were sorted by the correct values.

      Fixed now.

  2. Northern Ireland are terrible lately. I don't know if it's happening across the board, but the Republic of Ireland have been active in stripping the best talent for their own team. Not that the Republic are doing much better here.

    Everyone thinks Stuart Pearce is a joke, yet there we are with the second best record. We were top of that ranking the last cycle I believe. Hopefully England beat Serbia and qualify for a phenomenal fourth straight U21 Euro.

    So we didn't win one. So what. The coach's job is to get the team to the tournament, so the players can experience tournament football in addition to a qualifying campaign. No nation except England has achieved three straight qualifications the last three Euros, with a semi and a final in there. Hopefully England and Pearce make it four. And more. Other nations would love his record at this level.

    1. Oh and he came in for a ton of stick for getting knocked out of the Olympics. With a scratch team thrown together at the last minute and treated as fairly unimportant with the nation devided on the team and the very concept of Olympic football, with our best players not allowed to be chosen, the ones taken to Euro 2012 while the other nations had played like 20 matches together in qualifiers and friendlies and had no such restrictions and their own FAs taking thetournament very seriously while we get one friendly before the tournament and he still won his group and went out on penalties in the QF to a team England had played better than, and missed a penalty in normal time.

    2. @ Lorric Hopefuly not. In Serbia everyone was kind of happy that we draw England, not Spain or Germany. Problem is that 6 players of U21 are now playing for the A tim ( they destroy Wales) and most likely will be absent from U21 games with England :(

    3. We have a few players in the senior setup too. Not as many as 6 though I don't think.

      I would accept being happy with not getting Spain or germany, they crushed their qualifying groups. You look at all the other seeds, and there really isn't much between them.

    4. Looking at it though, England did produce the third best performance of the ten group winners, behind Spain and Germany.

    5. If you look on that way. On the same time England lost one game, while serbia did not.England's group was however very hard too with strong teams like Norway and Balgium.

  3. Matija Nastasic, Aleksandar Ignjovski, Filip Djuricic, Lazar Markovic, Nikola Maksimovic, Srdjan Mijailovic and Darko Lazovic ; actually 7 members of U 21 team were in the A team against Wales. They will be absent from the game with England as well unfortunately.

    That is big handicap for U 21 but big plus for the A team, which is without doubt the youngest national team in Europe right now. The oldest player against Wales was Bane Ivanovic ( 29)

  4. Are you being sarcastic? Because while England did receive a kind draw, you got an even kinder one.

    England's loss to Belgium was a fluke. They were the better team the whole match and somehow lost. They beat Belgium 4-0 in the return match. They just swept Iceland and Azerbaijan aside in the other 4 matches, although the away match against Azerbaijan was competitive.

    Norway acted more like I thought Belgium would. They outplayed England in the middle of the park in both games which surprised me, but England were just better in attack and defence and won both matches. Norway would be dangerous with good strikers. I wouldn't exactly fall out of my chair if they beat France in their playoff. They created loads of chances against England.

    Do you want to tell me how Serbia did in their matches?

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. And so the lineup is complete. In addition to England, Norway, and the hosting Israelis, Spain beat Denmark, Germany beat Switzerland, Netherlands beat Slovakia, Italy beat Sweden and Russia beat the Czech Republic.

      Spain are still playing, but I think an 8-1 aggregate as it stands is safe to assume.

      It should be a high quality tournament.

    3. It says here:

      "In the finals draw, the two top seeds will be hosts Israel (position A1) and the highest ranked team (B1) according to competition coefficient rankings as set out in the regulations. The sides ranked second and third are seeded and will allocated positions A2 and B2. The remaining four teams are not seeded and will be drawn into positions A3, B3, A4 and B4. UEFA will release a full list of seedings on Wednesday. The finals are played from 5 to 18 June."

      So I guess that's...

      Group A: Israel, England, 2 more
      Group B: Spain, Netherlands, 2 more.

      As far as I'm concerned Spain, you can keep that top seed spot. No.2 seed is where it's at! :)

      So we could get:

      Group A: Israel, England, Russia, Norway
      Group B: Spain, Netherlands, Germany, Italy

    4. Lorric, are you certain that the side ranked 2nd gets A2 and not A2 or B2?
      From the actual regulations: "The teams ranked second and third are seeded and will be drawn into positions A2 and B2." From that it would seem to me that it would be uncertain which position Netherlands and England will get.

    5. It doesn't say drawn, it says allocated.

    6. Lorric, what I copied was from what I believe is the official regulations release here:

      I realize the press release says allocated.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Any chance of an update at some point?