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Friday, July 12, 2013

FIFA Ranking: Excel file with FIFA points since March 2009

For all those looking to kick-start their FIFA ranking calculations, Jeroen (one of visitors of this blog) has provided an Excel file with all the FIFA match points since March 2009.


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  1. Immediately picked it up :)

    Only had Bosnia's results thus far, thanks to Ed, now Jeroen gives us the lot conveniently in one file, Thanks man!

  2. Jeroen,

    some remarks: the way you determine the dates for each time frame in your sheet is not completely correct.

    The dates for each time frame are (as an example for the July 2013 ranking with publishing date thursday 4-7-2013 and deadline date sunday 30-6-2013):
    1: matches played between 30-6-2013 and 4-7-2012 (including)
    2: matches played between 3-7-2012 and 4-7-2011 (including)
    3: matches played between 3-7-2011 and 4-7-2010 (including)
    4: matches played between 3-7-2010 and 4-7-2009 (including)

    And then there are some other anomalies about which ranking to use to determine the opponents strength. Sometimes matches played on the same day use different rankings in the FIFA calculation. Most recent example of this phenomenon are the matches for the WCQ OFC stage 2 (early June 2012) that are calculated with the June 2012 ranking while other matches played on the same day are calculated with the May 2012 ranking.

    These issues cause differences for ca. 90 countries between your results and the official July ranking, sometimes as much as 211 pts (Bahamas, you calculate 264 points, they had 53 in the July ranking). Other examples include Afghanistan, St. Kitts and of the top 60 for instance Libya, Cape Verde, France and Norway.

    So be careful to spread this sheet around, it is not flawless and can not be a reliable source without some major improvements.

  3. Jeroen, you are also not applying the rule about a minimum of 5 matches per time frame.
    The average points per time frame are determined as the sum of match points for all matches played in the time frame divided by the number of matches played in the time frame EXCEPT when this number is less than 5. Then a minimum of 5 matches is used as the denominator.

  4. hey, i knew i was only starting ;). There are some other errors which i was trying to look for (like the SAF's problem in the Italy ranking). But as for now i'm just enjoying the Dutch Maas region on holiday :)).

    Edgar asked (while being on a roadtrip) if he could post my excel, i don't think he checked it for 100% accuracy).

    To be honest the 5 games per year rule, i don't care for, since i'm only trying to calculate Belgian's ranking and their opponents :).

    If someone wants to improve my excel-file for general use, be free to do it :).

    1. Ok Jeroen,

      I understand the purpose of your sheet better now. It's clearly not meant as a 'full-blooded' ranking sheet.
      Sorry if I sounded a bit harsh.

      Enjoy your holiday !

  5. i've adapted the excel-file in order to be a complete FIFA-ranking calculation table. There are still some errors, but they are minor and most of them will in fact be rules broken by FIFA. 23 countries still have a different fifa-ranking, most of them just by 1 point margin. I'm currently checking those (most of them will be due to different opponent's strength used by FIFA), but it takes some time to figure out :).

    If anyone want to see/adapt the new file, i can share the table on dropbox (send me a mess-age via "" (+ should be changed by @)) and i'll gladly share.

    1. what is the current top 10 according to your calculation

    2. This is the September release with all matches until then canceled:
      Spain - 1530
      Argentina - 1223
      Germany - 1211
      Colombia - 1167
      Italy - 1124
      Belgium - 1092
      Netherlands - 1092
      Croatia - 1086
      Brazil - 1080
      Portugal - 1037

  6. I tried to calculate the points for the last 4 years, and I got all points correct for the years 2-4, but there are still 3 countries with wrong points in year 1 (last year), and unfortunately I can't load your file, so maybe you could help me out here?


    Qatar_06/02/2013 -> Points=0
    Yemen_22/03/2013 -> Points=322,5
    China PR_10/09/2013 -> Points=0
    Bahrain_15/10/2013 -> Points=169,85
    Kuwait_08/11/2013 -> Points=0
    Bahrain_15/11/2013 -> Points=0
    Qatar_19/11/2013 -> Points=0
    Palestine_26/03/2013 -> Points=0

    -> 492,35 / 8 = 61,544 Pts, but it should be 70,34


    India_06/02/2013 -> Points=129
    Bangladesh_02/03/2013 -> Points=322,5
    Nepal_06/03/2013 -> Points=107,5
    Kuwait_21/03/2013 -> Points=0
    Qatar_17/04/2013 -> Points=0
    Qatar_25/12/2013 -> Points=0
    Malaysia_26/03/2013 -> Points=129

    -> 688 / 7 = 98,286 Pts, but it should be 93,17


    Zimbabwe_06/02/2013 -> Points=0
    Malawi_19/03/2013 -> Points=234,78
    Ethiopia_24/03/2013 -> Points=0
    Ethiopia_08/06/2013 -> Points=677,25
    Central African Republic_15/06/2013 -> Points=909,45
    Swaziland_07/07/2013 -> Points=43
    Lesotho_09/07/2013 -> Points=43
    Kenya_11/07/2013 -> Points=198,66
    Zambia_27/07/2013 -> Points=120,4
    Zambia_03/08/2013 -> Points=0
    Uganda_31/08/2013 -> Points=0
    South Africa_07/09/2013 -> Points=0
    Burkina Faso_30/09/2013 -> Points=384,42
    Malawi_03/09/2013 -> Points=201,24

    -> 2812,2 / 14 = 200,871 Pts, but it should be 200,45

  7. Malaysia: the match against Palestine should be excluded.

    Palestine: the match against Malaysia should be excluded.

    Botswana: the match against Malawi on 3/9/13 should be excluded. Furthermore the other Malawi-match (19/3/13) delivered 229.62 match points: 3 * 1 * 89 * 0.86 (M * I * T * C).

  8. Ed and Jeroen, it seems that your files are (understandably) no longer uploaded. Would you be so kind to upload them again if it's not too much trouble?