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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Best teams to play against in September

This is based on (FIFA points for a win) / (actual effort from Elo rating).

I took into account only teams that would bring at least 200 points for a win.

This is the top 20 best teams to play against.

Iceland, Wales, Romania, Scotland, Hungary, Slovenia, Switzerland, Greece and Montenegro only have one match scheduled.

Sierra Leone (Côte d'Ivoire away, Congo DR at a neutral venue)
Armenia (Latvia away, Denmark away)
Iceland (home vs. Turkey)
Wales (away vs. Andorra)
Romania (away vs. Greece)
Venezuela (away vs. Korea Republic, away vs. Japan)
Scotland (away vs. Germany)
Hungary (home vs. Northern Ireland)
Slovenia (away vs. Estonia)
Switzerland (home vs. England)
Croatia (home vs. Cyprus, home vs. Malta)
Greece (home vs. Romania)
Bosnia-Herzegovina (home vs. Liechtenstein, home vs. Cyprus)
Tunisia (home vs. Botswana, away vs. Egypt)
Uruguay (away vs. Japan, away vs. Korea Republic)
Montenegro (home vs. Moldova)
Denmark (home vs. Turkey, home vs. Armenia)
Algeria (away vs. Ethiopia, home vs. Mali)
Belgium (home vs. Australia, away vs. Israel)
Slovakia (home vs. Malta, away vs. Ukraine)

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  1. This is one of the frustrating things about having the US as your favorite team. US Soccer on multiple levels clearly show that they have no effing clue. I get that it is European season but you can't tell me IF we are thinking ahead that we couldn't have scheduled a friendly vs a CONMEBOL team.

    1. USSF was attempting to schedule a match against Colombia for Sep. 9 in San Antonio. That match fell through. Given that it was in the US, I doubt that it was primarily USSF's fault that it didn't happen.

  2. I just don't have the confidence you do. I am usually a positive person but not when it comes to USSF. There were 7 CONMEBOL sides with a higher or equal rating to ours. I wish we would've have more planning for contingencies.