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Friday, April 3, 2015

2018 FIFA World Cup seeding (AFC): Second round pots

The second round draw will take place on 14 April 2015 and will use the April 2015 FIFA ranking as confirmed by AFC.

With no matches left before the deadline, the pots are set.

Pot 1: Iran, Japan, Korea Republic, Australia, United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan, China PR, Iraq
Pot 2: Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Jordan, Bahrain, Vietnam, Syria, Kuwait
Pot 3: Afghanistan, Philippines, Palestine, Maldives, Thailand, Tajikistan, Lebanon, India
Pot 4: Timor-Leste, Kyrgyzstan, Korea DPR, Myanmar, Turkmenistan, Indonesia, Singapore, Bhutan
Pot 5: Malaysia, Hong Kong, Bangladesh, Yemen, Guam, Laos, Cambodia, Chinese Taipei

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  1. A team ranked higher within a pot.... is it important? Bangladesh and Hong Kong are together with same points in the FIFA ranking. What would be the criteria to put any one of them higher?

    1. Teams with same (rounded) FIFS-points in the same pot, doesn't matter in the draw. Teams in the same pot cannot be drawn together in the same group.
      It is always better to be in a higher pot, because then you cannot be drawn in the same group with stronger opponents from that higher pot. If two teams have the same rounded FIFA-points and it is important to decide which team goes in the higher pot, then the unrounded FIFA-points are considered.
      The FIFA-points for a team are the result of a complex calculation and it would be very rare that this unrounded calculation result would be the same for two teams.

  2. What are india's chances of winning in this group? pot 3? and advancing for the next round?

  3. India has Very less chances near to impossible as only 12 teams qualify for next & final round!!!