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Friday, December 11, 2009

UEFA looking to avoid repeat of Armenia - Azerbaijan problems

According to, Azerbaijan will not play Armenia and Russia will not play Georgia in the EURO 2012 qualifiers.

The teams will be kept apart in the draw for the qualifying groups, the secretary general of the Georgian Football Federation, Revaz Arvelazde, said on Thursday, after meetings with UEFA, according to Russian newspaper Vzglyad.

Armenia and Azerbaijan were drawn together in Group A of the Euro 2008 qualifiers, but both matches were canceled after the two countries couldn't agree on match venues. Armenia wanted the games played on a normal home and away basis but Azerbaijan refused to host the Armenians and proposed a neutral ground for both matches.

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  1. UEFA should show some muscles and the country that not accept the UEFA ruling about match venue forfeit the match.

  2. I don't knoe why UEFA seems so... FRENCHY!