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I can provide services for national football associations and for the media.


Having trouble understanding the ranking? Do you need an in-depth analysis for one of your articles? Feel free to contact me.

Football Associations

Looking to improve your FIFA ranking? Use the e-mail address from my profile to contact me. A word of warning - my services are not for free. Also, please note I might not be able to provide consulting, as previous agreements prevent me from working with certain federations.

Details about my services.

Based on the data I provide, the technical department of the football association will know:

- when to play friendlies and when not to
- which team is the best opponent for a given date in order to climb in the ranking
- how to peak at the right moment from a FIFA ranking point of view (just before the draw for the qualifiers/play-offs/final tournament).

The cost of the services depends on the current FIFA ranking of a team and its target. It's one thing to strive for a top 100 place and quite another to look to land a seeded spot for the World Cup final draw. Of course, financial details will be discussed on a case-by-case basis. A non-disclosure agreement will be in the contract.

About me:

Software engineer, happily unmarried and non-religious. You won't find me on Twitter or other so called social media. Dutchman, joined the blog in March 2018.

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