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Thursday, November 19, 2020

FIFA ranking: November 2020 final preview

Here is the final preview of the November 2020 ranking. FIFA will publish this ranking next Thursday November 26th. This ranking will be used to seed the UEFA teams for the draw of the European qualifying groups for the World Cup 2022 in pots of 10 teams. The draw is on December 7th.

The cancelled UNL-match Romania-Norway was awarded 3:0 to Romania and as such included in this ranking. It was just enough, together with the sudden collapse of Russia, to seed Romania in pot 2.

No news yet on the also cancelled match Switzerland-Ukraine. If that match is, as expected, awarded to Switzerland 7 points will be exchanged from Ukraine to the Swiss, compared to their respective points presented below.

And this November Week of Football already concludes NT-football for this strange year. There's currently only one match scheduled for the remainder of the year: an Asian WC qualifier between Qatar and Bangladesh, to give the Qatari's ample time to play next Summer's Copa America in June and the Gold Cup in July as guest team.