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Thursday, February 14, 2008

2010 WC: Seeding formula (February update)

Seeded teams for the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa.

From now on, qualified teams will be determined using the current standings and the FIFA rankings.

Ghana/Senegal/Venezuela replace Nigeria/Guinea/Uruguay.

Modified after Dwbakke pointed out that Mexico, Honduras and Canada can't all qualify since they're all in the same group.

1 Brazil 60.3 29.3 31.0
2 Germany 58.3 30.3 28.0
3 Italy 57.3 27.3 30.0
4 Spain 54.3 25.3 29.0
5 Argentina 53.0 21.0 32.0
6 France 49.3 23.3 26.0
7 England 48.0 26.3 21.7
8 Portugal 47.3 22.3 25.0
9 Netherlands 38.7 14.7 24.0
10 Mexico 36.7 19.3 17.3
11 Czech Republic 33.0 6.0 27.0
12 Croatia 30.7 9.0 21.7
13 Ghana 27.3 13.3 14.0
14 USA 26.7 13.7 13.0
15 Turkey 25.7 10.0 15.7
16 Paraguay 23.7 11.7 12.0
17 Japan 23.3 13.3 10.0
18 Greece 22.7 0.0 22.7
19 Korea Republic 22.0 15.7 6.3
20 Romania 20.0 0.0 20.0
21 Scotland 19.0 0.0 19.0
22 Australia 18.3 11.3 7.0
23 Cote d'Ivoire 18.3 6.0 12.3
24 Cameroon 18.0 3.0 15.0
25 Senegal 15.3 8.7 6.7
26 Colombia 14.7 0.0 14.7
27 Iran 12.7 5.3 7.3
28 Saudi Arabia 11.0 8.0 3.0
29 Egypt 9.7 0.0 9.7
30 South Africa 4.0 3.0 1.0
31 Honduras 4.0 0.0 4.0
32 Venezuela 2.0 0.0 2.0

Top 7 + South Africa seeded.

The pots:

Pot A: Argentina, Brazil, England, France, Germany, Italy, South Africa, Spain
Pot B: Croatia, Czech Republic, Greece, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Scotland, Turkey
Pot C: Australia, Honduras, Iran, Japan, Korea Republic, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, USA
Pot D: Cameroon, Colombia, Cote d'Ivoire, Egypt, Ghana, Paraguay, Senegal, Venezuela

Possible draw:

Group A: South Africa, Romania, USA, Venezuela
Group B: Spain, Czech Republic, Korea Republic, Paraguay
Group C: Argentina, Netherlands, Japan, Senegal
Group D: Germany, Croatia, Honduras, Cote d'Ivoire
Group E: Brazil, Greece, Iran, Cameroon
Group F: Italy, Scotland, Saudi Arabia, Egypt
Group G: England, Portugal, Australia, Ghana
Group H: France, Turkey, Mexico, Colombia

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  1. We haven't even started the qualification yet but I would love that draw! Japan and Canada should be wiped off the map and playing against Argentina is always nice. Don't fancy Germany in the second round though, but after last week I'll take Croatia!

    Personally I hope FIFA changes the seeding rules a little. I think too much emphasis is placed on the past. So what if a team played good in the last two World Cups. There might be one or two players that played in those tournaments still playing in today's teams. So why credit them for that? Surely more emphasis should be placed on how good the teams are now, than how good they were in the distant past? If those top 8 seeds are really that good, surely they should qualify even if they were second or third seeds??? Now that FIFA have revamped their rankings and seem to have more trust in them (i.e. insisting teams are seeded for qualifying groups by using the rankings only!), hopefully they'll use the same system too for seeds at the finals. I'm not saying the FIFA rankings are perfect, but they're more perfect than deciding on the method that will be used AFTER knowing what teams have qualified. Personally I think it makes sense to only use the FIFA rankings. If FIFA don't, then they're just telling everyone else that the rankings aren't good enough.

    Not taking anything away from your post. Nice to know you're keeping this up-to-date for which I myself just don't have enough time.

  2. Hi Raoul! Thanks for your nice words. :)

    Fully agree. FIFA should use only the FIFA Rankings for seeding.

    "I'm not saying the FIFA rankings are perfect, but they're more perfect than deciding on the method that will be used AFTER knowing what teams have qualified."

    I remembered one of my older posts: link. For Germany 2006, FIFA used results from the last 2 WCs instead of 3. If Denmark had qualified, they would have been seeded at the expense of Argentina, but in that case I don't think FIFA would have changed the formula.

  3. Don't mean to offend with 'wipe off the map'. I should have written something like 'beat handsomely', which of course would only be true on our day...