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April 2017 FIFA ranking preview (17 March 2017).

AFC MA ranking update (3 March 2017).

2018 FIFA World Cup simulations (18 November 2016).

2018 FIFA World Cup final draw seeding (21 October 2016).

UEFA Nations League update (18 November 2016).

2019 Asian Cup 3rd round sims (17 February 2017).

2017 FIFA Confederations Cup simulations (17 February 2017).

Confederation weightings update (18 July 2014).

Confederation weightings: One answer, more questions (26 August 2011).

Confederation weightings (part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4) - an in-depth look.

Those looking for the UEFA European Cup team/country rankings should go to Bert Kassies' UEFA European Cup Football website. Those looking for the IFFHS Club World Ranking should visit the IFFHS website.

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