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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Cumpararea locurilor va fi interzisa din mai 2008

Anuntata in octombrie 2007, interdictia va intra efectiv in vigoare dupa ce va fi votata in cadrul congresului FIFA din luna mai 2008.

Cititi tot articolul pe FIFA to tackle nine areas of concern.

Protecting the promotion and relegation system for clubs

  • Concept: Results on the pitch decide whether a club goes up or down a level in every championship around the world except in the United States and Australia, where there are "closed" leagues. Recently it has been possible to achieve promotion artificially by buying or moving a club. FIFA wishes to make sure that this cannot happen again.
  • Objective: To protect the traditional promotion and relegation system for clubs based purely on sporting criteria - which is the very essence of football.
  • Application: The decision was taken at the FIFA Executive Committee meeting on 15 December in Tokyo. The article will now be submitted to the Congress next May for approval and implementation as a "new article" within the rules governing the application of the Statutes.
  • Example: In Spain, the president of fourth division club Granada bought second-flight Murcia then moved the club near to Granada, allowing Granada 74 to move up artificially into the second tier.

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