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Friday, January 20, 2012

Possible error in the UEFA Under-21 regulations

In Annex I of the UEFA European Under-21 regulations, article 3 b) says:

In the case of an association that hosted a UEFA European Under-21 Championship final tournament during one of the last two full cycles and therefore has no points from the respective qualifying competition, the points earned in the qualifying competition of the 2009-11 UEFA European Under-21 Championship are used.

In my opinion, this is wrong.

Denmark hosted the 2009-11 final tournament, thus it can't use the points from 2009-11 qualifiers. Maybe it should use the points from the 2011-13 qualifiers.

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  1. Edgar,

    I think that the key is "full cycles", if you look at section 1.2.1 (c) of Annex I, the 2009-11 is only half a cycle (the final tournament is excluded).

  2. @Sagy

    That was the group stage draw.

    For the play-off draw (section 1.2.2 of Annex I), these are the cycles:

    2009 (QF + FT)
    2011 (QF + FT)
    2013 (QF only)

    So 2013 is the only half cycle.

  3. In the end, it looks as if the 2011-2013 qualifiers were used for Denmark.