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Friday, April 27, 2012

World Cup host to be chosen by FIFA Congress

If the changes to the FIFA statutes are approved by the Congress (Budapest, 24-25 May).

Congress agenda on

Some interesting changes (membership process, limits to duration of mandates, changes in the EXCO, disciplinary measures):

1. The Executive Committee shall decide the venue for the final competitions organised by FIFA, with the sole exception of the venue for the final competition of the FIFA World Cup™, which shall be decided by the Congress in accordance with art. 81 par.2.
2. The decision on the venue for the final competition of the FIFA World Cup™ aims to achieve the objective of securing the best possible hosting conditions in the host Country and shall follow the procedure below:

a) Based on specific regulations to be issued by the Executive Committee, the FIFA administration shall establish a fair and transparent bidding procedure, inviting all qualified Members to submit a bid and defining in detail the requirements for the bidding and hosting as well as criteria for selecting the host of the event.
b) Based on its best judgement, the FIFA administration shall submit to the Executive Committee a public report evaluating the compliance of all bids with the bidding procedure and the requirements for hosting the event, taking into consideration the defined criteria for selecting the host.
c) The Executive Committee shall review the report and designate, based on its best judgement and in an open ballot, three bids to be submitted to Congress for a final decision. The result of each ballot shall be made public.
d) The Congress shall select by open ballot the host venue from the three bids designated by the Executive Committee. An absolute majority (50% + 1) of the Members present and eligible to vote is necessary in the first ballot. If an absolute majority is not reached in the first ballot, then the bid with the lowest number of votes in the first ballot is eliminated. In the second ballot, a simple majority (50%+1) of the valid votes cast is sufficient.
3. A Congress may not award the hosting rights to more than one FIFA World Cup™ at the same meeting.
4. The right to host the event shall not be awarded to members of the same Confederation for two consecutive editions of the FIFA World Cup™.

Independence: a candidate for the office of chairman or deputy chairman of the Audit and Compliance Committee, the Nomination Committee or either of the two chambers of the Ethics Committee shall not be considered independent if at any time during the four years preceding his term he or any family member (spouse, children, stepchildren, parents, siblings, domestic partner, parents of spouse/domestic partner and siblings and children of domestic partner):
• held any paid position or material contract (directly or indirectly) with FIFA and/or any Member, Confederation, League or Club (including any of their affiliated companies/organisations);
• was employed by FIFA’s outside legal counsel or by FIFA’s auditor (and was engaged in auditing FIFA
• held any paid or voluntary position with a non-profit organisation to which FIFA and/or any Member, Confederation, League or Club makes annual payments in excess of USD 100,000.

Membership is only permitted if an Association is currently a member of a Confederation.

The duration of the mandate of the President shall be limited to eight years (two terms of four years each).

The duration of the mandate of the Executive Committee members shall be limited to 12 years (three terms of four years each).

The EXCO will have one extra member - the Representative of Women's Football (a woman).

Match replay added as disciplinary measures for legal persons (clubs / national teams).

Social work added as disciplinary measures for natural persons.

Recourse to ordinary courts of law for all types of provisional measures is prohibited.

UEFA's EXCO allocation changes from two vice-presidents and five members (7 in total) to one vice-president and seven members (8 in total).
The British associations EXCO allocation is removed - they currently have one vice-president.

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