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Friday, August 3, 2012

FIFA Ranking: Teams in need of matches for the August 2012 ranking

There are 29 teams that will not have the required 5 matches in the last 12 months when the August 2012 FIFA Ranking will be released. For these teams, FIFA will basically add a number of "virtual defeats" equal to the difference between the number of matches actually played by that team in the last 12 months and the required 5 matches.

Only Vietnam and Syria will be in the top 150.

13 countries managed to get positive results in the last 12 months, but they lose points because of the 5 matches requirement.

Country - Points lost - August 2012 FIFA Ranking

British Virgin Islands 105 191
South Sudan 79 199
Syria 60 147
Aruba 60 157
Tonga 56 174
Yemen 37 151
Eritrea 26 187
Pakistan 18 176
Vietnam 17 146
Chinese Taipei 9 175
Mauritius 9 194
Bangladesh 6 169
Sri Lanka 6 179
Faroe Islands 0 153
Bahamas 0 180
Mongolia 0 183
Myanmar 0 184
Cambodia 0 191
Laos 0 194
Kyrgyzstan 0 196
Macau 0 201
Brunei Darussalam 0 202
Anguilla 0 203
Mauritania 0 203
Timor-Leste 0 205
Bhutan 0 206
Montserrat 0 206
San Marino 0 206
Turks and Caicos Islands 0 206

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  1. when Vietnam will have about 13 matches ("A" match) from september to december (sep 3 matches, oct 2 matches, nov 4 matches, dec 4 matches) - it means we will up place in FIFA ranking, right?? (surely if have good results)

  2. haha.. sana mapanalo lahat ng pilipinas ang lahat ng friendly na naka schedule para tumaas pa lalo ang ranking..

    1. Let's try English, shall we?

      Playing against lowly opposition won't help the Azkals climb.

  3. Aruba will be playing for the Caribbean Cup (Gold Cup Qualifying) in Barbados by the end of September 2012, they will be playing against Barbados (host), Dominica and Dominican Republic. So by the end of September Aruba will comply with the 5 match minimum part. Although, virtual defeats won't affect the points in the ranking ( or do they ?)

  4. Randolf,

    Aruba has collected 448.8 matchpoints out of 3 matches played this last year (for the August 2012 ranking). Because of the rule of a minimum of 5 matches per year this leads to an average of 89.76 (448.8 divided by 5) FIFA-points and not 149.6 (if you were allowed to divide by 3). So that's why it is said that those two missing matches count as defeats (a loss gives you evidently zero match points).
    This means that it is important for Aruba to play at least 2 more matches this year. Any draw or win would lead to a better last year average for Aruba and thus a higher FIFA points total in the ranking. If Aruba loses those two matches then nothing is really lost in terms of ranking points, because they were already 'incorporated' in the calculation as defeats.

    1. So, Aruba can only improve their ranking for the coming period.

    2. Randolf,

      not quite !

      Aruba can play their upcoming two matches 'for free', but the third group match for the Caribbean Cup does count. Aruba's collected match-points in the last year will then be divided by 6 matches for the October ranking. So if Aruba loses their third group match the first time-frame average of Aruba will drop a bit and with that their FIFA-points total in comparison with the points total in the September ranking.

  5. Anonymous (4/8/2012 12:19 PM),

    Vietnam has at the moment a last year average of (343.14/5=) 68.6 pts. These points are collected in 4 matches. So Vietnam can play the friendly against Malaysia (11/9/2012) 'for free' to reach the required minimum of 5 matches per year. A draw or win in this match gives Vietnam at least a higher points-total.

    For all the remaining matches Vietnam plays in the rest of this year (according to FIFA, there are at least 8 more matches planned for the coming months) Vietnam has to score more match-points per match than the average of 68.6 pts to see their FIFA-points total rise in the coming months.

    If Vietnam for instance loses all these matches their last year average will drop to (343.14/13=) 26.4 pts.
    But I surely don't see that happening. I expect Vietnam to win at least a couple of these planned friendlies in preparation of the South East Asian Championships in November.
    It is a pity for you that these championships are no (regional) qualifiers for the Asian Cup of Nations and thus are regarded as friendlies by FIFA and have the lowest weight (1 instead of 2.5 for continental qualifiers). This implies that a win against for instance the Philippines delivers only 129 match points instead of 322.5.

    1. ohh thank u for explaining. Now, i have more understanding about FIFA ranking. Keep your nice job ^^

  6. Thailand (for October)
    Timeframe 1: October 2011 - October 2012

    06/10/2011: Thailand 0:0 Jordan (Friendly)
    1 x 1 x 116 x 0,86 = 99,76

    11/10/2011: Thailand 0:0 Saudi Arabia (WC 2014 qualifier)
    1 x 2,5 x 99 x 0,86 = 212,85

    11/11/2011: Saudi Arabia 3:0 Thailand (WC 2014 qualifier)
    = 0

    15/11/2011: Thailand 0:1 Australia (WC 2014 qualifier)
    = 0

    18/01/2012: Thailand 0:1 Norway (Friendly)
    = 0

    24/02/2012: Thailand 3:0 Maldives (Friendly)
    3 x 1 x 50 x 0,86 = 129

    29/02/2012: Oman 2:0 Thailand (WC 2014 qualifier)
    = 0

    total: 441,61 divided 7 = 63,1 points
    so, the points of Thailand in October will be have 63,1 points. I correct??

    P/S: from present to October 2012 didn't any match

  7. You have to take the position of the opponent from the ranking that's the most recent one at the time of play (instead of the most recent ranking i.e. August 2012 ranking as you assumed):

    THA-JOR 6/10/2011 0:0 (Friendly)
    1 x 1 x 115 x 0.86 = 98.9

    THA-KSA 11/10/2011 0:0 (WC-Qualifier)
    1 x 2.5 x 103 x 0.86 = 221.45

    For the other matches this makes no difference in match-points.

    First time frame average for THA: 449.35/7 = 64.19.

  8. FIFA are nervous I think. Their headline for the latest World Ranking yesterday was "England Hit All Time High". Today it's just "England Hit High."

    1. Thanks for pointing that out, Lorric. You're right - they did change the headline. I wonder why...

    2. They are nervous I'm sure. The article itself is very low key as well compared to the usual. I think they're trying to sweep this one under the carpet quietly.

  9. @Ed - thank you as usual for your time! :)