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Friday, January 9, 2015

FIFA Ranking: February 2015 probable results

Here are the probable results used for the February 2015 probable ranking. They are generated using the Elo Ratings.

Before posting comments like: "Hey my team actually beat the other team! It's a mistake!" please read the previous paragraph again and look when these results were posted (Yes, before the matches actually took place!) ;)

1 - First team wins
X - Draw
2 - Second team wins

09/Jan Australia - Kuwait 1 (Continental Final)
09/Jan Senegal - Gabon 1 (Friendly)
10/Jan Burkina Faso - Swaziland 1 (Friendly)
10/Jan Cameroon - South Africa X (Friendly)
10/Jan Cape Verde Islands - Congo X (Friendly)
10/Jan Korea Republic - Oman 1 (Continental Final)
10/Jan Saudi Arabia - China PR 2 (Continental Final)
10/Jan Uzbekistan - Korea DPR 1 (Continental Final)
11/Jan Gabon - Mali X (Friendly)
11/Jan Iran - Bahrain 1 (Continental Final)
11/Jan Nigeria - Côte d'Ivoire X (Friendly)
11/Jan Tunisia - Algeria X (Friendly)
11/Jan United Arab Emirates - Qatar X (Continental Final)
12/Jan Japan - Palestine 1 (Continental Final)
12/Jan Jordan - Iraq X (Continental Final)
13/Jan Australia - Oman 1 (Continental Final)
13/Jan Kuwait - Korea Republic 2 (Continental Final)
13/Jan Senegal - Guinea X (Friendly)
14/Jan China PR - Uzbekistan X (Continental Final)
14/Jan Gabon - South Africa X (Friendly)
14/Jan Korea DPR - Saudi Arabia X (Continental Final)
15/Jan Bahrain - United Arab Emirates 2 (Continental Final)
15/Jan Qatar - Iran 2 (Continental Final)
15/Jan Sweden - Côte d'Ivoire X (Friendly)
16/Jan Canada - Iceland 2 (Friendly)
16/Jan Iraq - Japan 2 (Continental Final)
16/Jan Palestine - Jordan 2 (Continental Final)
17/Jan Australia - Korea Republic 1 (Continental Final)
17/Jan Equatorial Guinea - Congo X (Continental Final)
17/Jan Gabon - Burkina Faso X (Continental Final)
17/Jan Nigeria - Sudan 1 (Friendly)
17/Jan Oman - Kuwait X (Continental Final)
18/Jan Cape Verde Islands - Tunisia 2 (Continental Final)
18/Jan China PR - Korea DPR 1 (Continental Final)
18/Jan Uzbekistan - Saudi Arabia 1 (Continental Final)
18/Jan Zambia - Congo DR X (Continental Final)
19/Jan Canada - Iceland 2 (Friendly)
19/Jan Ghana - Senegal X (Continental Final)
19/Jan Iran - United Arab Emirates X (Continental Final)
19/Jan Qatar - Bahrain 1 (Continental Final)
19/Jan South Africa - Algeria X (Continental Final)
20/Jan Cameroon - Mali 1 (Continental Final)
20/Jan Côte d'Ivoire - Guinea 1 (Continental Final)
20/Jan Iraq - Palestine 1 (Continental Final)
20/Jan Japan - Jordan 1 (Continental Final)
21/Jan Congo - Gabon 2 (Continental Final)
21/Jan Equatorial Guinea - Burkina Faso 2 (Continental Final)
22/Jan Australia - China PR 1 (Continental Final)
22/Jan Congo DR - Cape Verde Islands X (Continental Final)
22/Jan Sudan - Finland 2 (Friendly)
22/Jan Tunisia - Zambia 1 (Continental Final)
22/Jan Uzbekistan - Korea Republic X Uzbekistan PSO (Continental Final)
23/Jan Algeria - Ghana X (Continental Final)
23/Jan Iran - Jordan 1 (Continental Final)
23/Jan Japan - United Arab Emirates 1 (Continental Final)
23/Jan Senegal - South Africa X (Continental Final)
24/Jan Guinea - Cameroon X (Continental Final)
24/Jan Mali - Côte d'Ivoire 2 (Continental Final)
25/Jan Barbados - Grenada X (Friendly)
25/Jan Burkina Faso - Congo 1 (Continental Final)
25/Jan Equatorial Guinea - Gabon 2 (Continental Final)
26/Jan Australia - Iran 1 (Continental Final)
26/Jan Tunisia - Congo DR 1 (Continental Final)
26/Jan Zambia - Cape Verde Islands X (Continental Final)
27/Jan Algeria - Senegal X (Continental Final)
27/Jan Ghana - South Africa X (Continental Final)
27/Jan Japan - Uzbekistan 1 (Continental Final)
28/Jan Chile - USA 1 (Friendly)
28/Jan Côte d'Ivoire - Cameroon X (Continental Final)
28/Jan Mali - Guinea X (Continental Final)
30/Jan Uzbekistan - Iran X Iran PSO (Continental Final)
31/Jan Australia - Japan X Australia PSO (Continental Final)
31/Jan Burkina Faso - Zambia X Burkina Faso PSO (Continental Final)
31/Jan Tunisia - Gabon 1 (Continental Final)
01/Feb Côte d'Ivoire - Algeria X Côte d'Ivoire PSO (Continental Final)
01/Feb Ghana - Cameroon X Ghana PSO (Continental Final)
04/Feb Burkina Faso - Côte d'Ivoire 2 (Continental Final)
05/Feb Tunisia - Ghana X Ghana PSO (Continental Final)
07/Feb Burkina Faso - Tunisia 2 (Continental Final)
08/Feb Côte d'Ivoire - Ghana X Côte d'Ivoire PSO (Continental Final)
08/Feb USA - Panama 1 (Friendly)

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  1. Pakistan v. Afghanistan on Feb 6. What is the impact of this friendly on the ranking of Afghanistan?

    1. فوتبالنامه,

      Afghanistan without the friendly will have 190 pts in February. With a win Afghanistan has 194 pts, with a draw 185 pts and with a loss 181 points. Rankingwise not much will happen. Only with a loss Afghanistan could lose two places to Thailand and Barbados.