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Thursday, October 15, 2020

FIFA ranking: October 2020 final preview

Here is the final preview of the October 2020 ranking. FIFA will publish this ranking next Thursday October 22nd.

Best movers:

6 - Malta

5 - Algeria, Paraguay, Hungary

Worst movers:

-10 - Romania

-8 - Andorra

-6 - Bulgaria

Best movers in the top 50:

5 - Algeria, Paraguay, Hungary

Worst movers in the top 50:

-10 - Romania
-4 - Costa Rica
-3 - Venezuela, Nigeria, Northern Ireland

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  1. No idea how FIFA get 1274 points for Zambia. I get 1273 (1273.46) after their loss to Kenya. Seems like their other two matches against Malawi (1-0) and South Africa (1-2) don't count.

  2. Could it be because of the matchup between Benin and Zambia was excluded back on October 13, 2019 in the September 2019 Rankings in which Zambia had the points exchange of negative .071?

  3. I meant to say should the Matchup between Benin and Zambia on October 13, 2019. been excluded in the October 2019 rankings with a negative points exchange of .071?

  4. Yeah, I was thinking along the same line here, but have no time today to research it. I'll come back to you soon with hopefully a satisfactory answer.

  5. The following matches were excldued by FIFA and included by me:
    2020-10-07 Zambia - Malawi 1:0 Friendly
    2020-10-10 Cameroon - South Sudan 0:0 Friendly
    2020-10-11 South Africa - Zambia 1:2 Friendly
    2020-10-13 Cameroon - South Sudan 0:0 Friendly

    FIFA included and I excluded:
    2020-10-11 Libya - Comoros 1:2 Friendly

    On 20/02/2020 FIFA decided to exclude the initially included friendly match of 19/6/2019 between Zambia - Cote d'Ivoire (1:4) from the ranking. Zambia got +2,21 points and Cote d'Ivoire lost 2,21 points because of the decision on that date.

    Accounting for all this, Zambia indeed still ends on 1273 instead of 1274 according to the published ranking. And that puzzle can indeed be solved by EXcluding the friendly match Benin - Zambia (2:2) on 13/10/2019. As only 0,07 points were exchanged from Zambia to Benin in this match, it wasn't clear if this match should be in- or excluded from the calculation of the October 2019 ranking. Until now I had this match included. Now it's evident that the match should be excluded. In that case Zambia ends at 1273,53 = 1274 rounded points.

  6. That indeed seems to do the trick! Good find!

  7. The following also weren't included.

    Chad v Sudan (23 & 26 September)
    Guinea-Bissau v Mozambique (8 October)
    Niger v Chad (10 October)
    Angola v Mozambique (13 October)
    Niger v Sierra Leone (13 October)

  8. You are right Homer, but I didn't mentioned those because I already had these matches excluded in my final preview.

    For all who are interested: here is the updated detailed ranking points calculation sheet of the October 2020 ranking.