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Friday, August 7, 2009

FIFA Ranking: September 2009 probable results

Here are the probable results used for the September 2009 probable ranking. They are generated using the Elo Ratings.

1 - First team wins
X - Draw
2 - Second team wins

07/Aug Colombia - El Salvador 1 (Friendly)
11/Aug Benin - Gabon X (Friendly)
12/Aug Northern Ireland - Israel X (Friendly)
12/Aug Czech Republic - Belgium 1 (Friendly)
12/Aug Iceland - Slovakia X (Friendly)
12/Aug Netherlands - England X (Friendly)
12/Aug Estonia - Brazil 2 (Friendly)
12/Aug Denmark - Chile X (Friendly)
12/Aug Singapore - China PR X (Friendly)
12/Aug Montenegro - Wales X (Friendly)
12/Aug Liechtenstein - Portugal 2 (Friendly)
12/Aug Bulgaria - Latvia 1 (Friendly)
12/Aug Sweden - Finland 1 (Friendly)
12/Aug Poland - Greece X (Friendly)
12/Aug FYR Macedonia - Spain 2 (Friendly)
12/Aug Hungary - Romania X (Friendly)
12/Aug Algeria - Uruguay 2 (Friendly)
12/Aug Tunisia - Côte d'Ivoire X (Friendly)
12/Aug Malta - Georgia X (Friendly)
12/Aug Russia - Argentina X (Friendly)
12/Aug Austria - Cameroon X (Friendly)
12/Aug Oman - Saudi Arabia X (Friendly)
12/Aug South Africa - Serbia X (Friendly)
12/Aug Colombia - Venezuela X (Friendly)
12/Aug Morocco - Congo 1 (Friendly)
12/Aug Ecuador - Jamaica X (Friendly)
12/Aug Albania - Cyprus X (Friendly)
12/Aug Togo - Angola X (Friendly)
12/Aug Mali - Burkina Faso X (Friendly)
12/Aug Congo DR - Senegal X (Friendly)
12/Aug Rwanda - Tanzania X (Friendly)
12/Aug Ghana - Zambia 1 (Friendly)
12/Aug Mexico - USA X (FIFA World Cup Qualifier)
12/Aug Faroe Islands - France 2 (FIFA World Cup Qualifier)
12/Aug Norway - Scotland X (FIFA World Cup Qualifier)
12/Aug Honduras - Costa Rica X (FIFA World Cup Qualifier)
12/Aug Trinidad and Tobago - El Salvador X (FIFA World Cup Qualifier)
12/Aug Republic of Ireland - Australia X (Friendly)
12/Aug Armenia - Moldova X (Friendly)
12/Aug Korea Republic - Paraguay X (Friendly)
12/Aug Luxembourg - Lithuania 2 (Friendly)
12/Aug Slovenia - San Marino 1 (FIFA World Cup Qualifier)
12/Aug Switzerland - Italy X (Friendly)
12/Aug Bosnia-Herzegovina - Iran X (Friendly)
12/Aug Azerbaijan - Germany 2 (FIFA World Cup Qualifier)
12/Aug Ukraine - Turkey X (Friendly)
12/Aug Belarus - Croatia 2 (FIFA World Cup Qualifier)
12/Aug Egypt - Guinea 1 (Friendly)
19/Aug India - Palestine X (Friendly)
20/Aug Syria - Sri Lanka 1 (Friendly)
21/Aug Palestine - Lebanon X (Friendly)
22/Aug Kyrgyzstan - Sri Lanka 1 (Friendly)
23/Aug Korea DPR - Guam 1 (Friendly)
23/Aug India - Lebanon X (Friendly)
23/Aug Chinese Taipei - Hong Kong X (Friendly)
24/Aug Syria - Kyrgyzstan 1 (Friendly)
25/Aug Hong Kong - Korea DPR 2 (Friendly)
25/Aug Chinese Taipei - Guam 1 (Friendly)
27/Aug Hong Kong - Guam 1 (Friendly)
27/Aug Chinese Taipei - Korea DPR 2 (Friendly)
27/Aug India - Kyrgyzstan 1 (Friendly)

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