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Friday, May 11, 2012

OFC Nations Cup not quite a continental tournament

As jos235 noticed two days ago, the 2012 OFC Nations Cup matches are considered by FIFA to be World Cup qualifiers and not continental final matches. See the fixtures section on

This affects the points awarded for these matches, as for World Cup qualifiers the multiplier is 2.5, while for continental final matches the multiplier is 3.

I wrote to FIFA about it and here's the answer:

2002 was the last OFC Nation’s Cup edition which was not also a FIFA World Cup qualifying tournament at the same time. After that we counted the Nations Cup always as World Cup qualifiers.

All matches from Round 1, 2 and 3 as well as the intercontinental play-off will be World Cup qualifiers.

I also asked them if the knock-out stage matches will be considered continental final matches, but they didn't reply to that question.

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  1. Thank you Edgar for asking, though the answer does not explain anything ;)

  2. Strange decision by FIFA (not a surprise anymore!). But not entirely true; in 2004 they counted Australia vs Solomons playoffs in 2004 as continental finals. This because the world cup playoffs were played in 2005. They should've done exactly the same thing now.

    1. Yes, indeed very strange.

      FIFA considers the semi-finals, third place play-off and final of the OFC Nations Cup 2012 to be World Cup Qualifiers, while these matches are certainly not part of the WC qualifying proces. This must be a mistake.

    2. FIFA confirmed this - all OFC Nations Cup matches are considered WCQs for FIFA ranking purposes. Strange decision.