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Friday, July 13, 2012

EURO 2012: Castrol Index Bottom 11

During the 2010 World Cup, I posted this after looking at the Castrol Index ranking and the heat maps.

Unfortunately, there were no heat maps for EURO 2012, but here's the bottom 11 (even if some players might be out of position):

Shay Given (Republic of Ireland) 6.00

Joris Mathijsen (Netherlands) 5.13
John O'Shea (Republic of Ireland) 5.59
Ron Vlaar (Netherlands) 5.66
Stephen Ward (Republic of Ireland) 5.70

Jakob Poulsen (Denmark) 5.50
Mark van Bommel (Netherlands) 5.53
Anders Svensson (Sweden) 5.61
Serhiy Nazarenko (Ukraine) 5.63

Ola Toivonen (Sweden) 5.05
Dennis Rommedahl (Denmark) 5.27

Three from the Republic of Ireland, three from the Netherlands, two from Denmark, two from Sweden and one from Ukraine.

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  1. There are heat maps in the full version of the Match Centere in the Player Info window.

    1. Thanks! In 2010, they had them on the player's page.