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Thursday, November 22, 2007

EURO 2008: Pots for the Lucerne draw

Confirmed by UEFA.

Netherlands    2.417
Croatia 2.409
Italy 2.364
Czech Republic 2.333
Sweden 2.273
Romania 2.250
Germany 2.250
Portugal 2.192
Spain 2.182
Greece 2.167
Poland 2.167
France 2.091
Turkey 1.958
Russia 1.958

Greece will be seeded as EURO 2004 winners. Austria and Switzerland as hosts.

Pot 1: Austria, Switzerland, Greece, Netherlands
Pot 2: Croatia, Italy, Czech Republic, Sweden
Pot 3: Romania, Germany, Portugal, Spain
Pot 4: Poland, France, Turkey, Russia

Based on the provisional FIFA rankings:

Possible group of death: Netherlands, Italy, Germany/Spain, France
Possible group of... life: Austria, Sweden, Romania, Russia/Poland

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