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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

FIFA Ranking: October 2010 probable results

Here are the probable results used for the October 2010 probable ranking. They are generated using the Elo Ratings.

I stopped at the official deadline (October 14th), but FIFA may include more matches - especially since they are continental qualifiers (Caribbean Championship matches).

1 - First team wins
X - Draw
2 - Second team wins

15/Sep India - Namibia X (Friendly)
15/Sep Yemen - Zambia 2 (Friendly)
16/Sep Jordan - Iraq X (Friendly)
17/Sep St. Vincent and the Grenadines - Grenada X (Friendly)
19/Sep Jordan - Bahrain X (Friendly)
19/Sep St. Vincent and the Grenadines - Grenada X (Friendly)
21/Sep Iraq - Oman X (Friendly)
23/Sep Antigua and Barbuda - St. Lucia 1 (Friendly)
24/Sep Vietnam - Korea DPR X (Friendly)
24/Sep Iran - Bahrain 1 (Friendly)
24/Sep Jordan - Syria X (Friendly)
25/Sep Iraq - Yemen 1 (Friendly)
26/Sep Guyana - Trinidad and Tobago 2 (Friendly)
26/Sep Bahrain - Oman X (Friendly)
26/Sep Syria - Kuwait X (Friendly)
27/Sep Yemen - Palestine X (Friendly)
28/Sep Oman - Iran 2 (Friendly)
28/Sep Kuwait - Jordan X (Friendly)
29/Sep New Caledonia - Tahiti 1 (Friendly)
29/Sep Palestine - Iraq 2 (Friendly)
01/Oct Iran - Iraq 1 (Friendly)
01/Oct Jordan - Syria X Jordan PSO (Friendly)
02/Oct Puerto Rico - Anguilla 1 (Continental Qualifier)
03/Oct Syria - Iraq X Iraq PSO (Friendly)
03/Oct Jordan - Iran 2 (Friendly)
04/Oct Cayman Islands - Anguilla 1 (Continental Qualifier)
06/Oct St. Vincent and the Grenadines - Montserrat 1 (Continental Qualifier)
06/Oct Barbados - St. Kitts and Nevis 1 (Continental Qualifier)
06/Oct Bermuda - Trinidad and Tobago 2 (Friendly)
06/Oct Puerto Rico - Cayman Islands X (Continental Qualifier)
08/Oct Mali - Liberia 1 (Continental Qualifier)
08/Oct Guinea - Nigeria X (Continental Qualifier)
08/Oct Madagascar - Ethiopia X (Continental Qualifier)
08/Oct Senegal - Mauritius 1 (Continental Qualifier)
08/Oct Comoros - Mozambique 2 (Continental Qualifier)
08/Oct Libya - Zambia X (Continental Qualifier)
08/Oct Central African Republic - Algeria X (Continental Qualifier)
08/Oct Tanzania - Morocco X (Continental Qualifier)
08/Oct Burkina Faso - Gambia 1 (Continental Qualifier)
08/Oct Sierra Leone - South Africa 2 (Continental Qualifier)
08/Oct Niger - Egypt 2 (Continental Qualifier)
08/Oct Burundi - Côte d'Ivoire 2 (Continental Qualifier)
08/Oct Rwanda - Benin X (Continental Qualifier)
08/Oct Ghana - Sudan 1 (Continental Qualifier)
08/Oct Congo - Swaziland 1 (Continental Qualifier)
08/Oct Angola - Guinea-Bissau 1 (Continental Qualifier)
08/Oct Kenya - Uganda 2 (Continental Qualifier)
08/Oct Germany - Turkey 1 (Continental Qualifier)
08/Oct Austria - Azerbaijan 1 (Continental Qualifier)
08/Oct Kazakhstan - Belgium 2 (Continental Qualifier)
08/Oct Northern Ireland - Italy 2 (Continental Qualifier)
08/Oct Serbia - Estonia 1 (Continental Qualifier)
08/Oct Slovenia - Faroe Islands 1 (Continental Qualifier)
08/Oct Luxembourg - Belarus 2 (Continental Qualifier)
08/Oct Albania - Bosnia-Herzegovina X (Continental Qualifier)
08/Oct Andorra - FYR Macedonia 2 (Continental Qualifier)
08/Oct Armenia - Slovakia 2 (Continental Qualifier)
08/Oct Republic of Ireland - Russia X (Continental Qualifier)
08/Oct Moldova - Netherlands 2 (Continental Qualifier)
08/Oct Hungary - San Marino 1 (Continental Qualifier)
08/Oct Georgia - Malta 1 (Continental Qualifier)
08/Oct Israel - Croatia X (Continental Qualifier)
08/Oct Greece - Latvia 1 (Continental Qualifier)
08/Oct Montenegro - Switzerland X (Continental Qualifier)
08/Oct Wales - Bulgaria X (Continental Qualifier)
08/Oct Cyprus - Norway X (Continental Qualifier)
08/Oct Portugal - Denmark 1 (Continental Qualifier)
08/Oct Czech Republic - Scotland 1 (Continental Qualifier)
08/Oct Spain - Lithuania 1 (Continental Qualifier)
08/Oct Togo - Tunisia X (Continental Qualifier)
08/Oct Malawi - Chad 1 (Continental Qualifier)
08/Oct Qatar - Iraq X (Friendly)
08/Oct China PR - Syria 1 (Friendly)
08/Oct Ecuador - Colombia X (Friendly)
08/Oct Montserrat - Barbados 2 (Continental Qualifier)
08/Oct St. Vincent and the Grenadines - St. Kitts and Nevis 1 (Continental Qualifier)
08/Oct India - Vietnam X (Friendly)
08/Oct Oman - Gabon 1 (Friendly)
08/Oct Japan - Argentina X (Friendly)
08/Oct Kuwait - Bahrain X (Friendly)
08/Oct Ukraine - Canada 1 (Friendly)
09/Oct France - Romania 1 (Continental Qualifier)
09/Oct Australia - Paraguay X (Friendly)
09/Oct New Zealand - Honduras X (Friendly)
09/Oct Indonesia - Uruguay 2 (Friendly)
09/Oct Cameroon - Congo DR 1 (Continental Qualifier)
09/Oct USA - Poland 1 (Friendly)
10/Oct Zimbabwe - Cape Verde Islands X (Continental Qualifier)
10/Oct Jamaica - Trinidad and Tobago 1 (Friendly)
10/Oct St. Vincent and the Grenadines - Barbados X (Continental Qualifier)
10/Oct St. Kitts and Nevis - Montserrat 1 (Continental Qualifier)
12/Oct Azerbaijan - Turkey 2 (Continental Qualifier)
12/Oct Belgium - Austria X (Continental Qualifier)
12/Oct Kazakhstan - Germany 2 (Continental Qualifier)
12/Oct Italy - Serbia 1 (Continental Qualifier)
12/Oct Estonia - Slovenia 2 (Continental Qualifier)
12/Oct Faroe Islands - Northern Ireland 2 (Continental Qualifier)
12/Oct France - Luxembourg 1 (Continental Qualifier)
12/Oct Belarus - Albania 1 (Continental Qualifier)
12/Oct Armenia - Andorra 1 (Continental Qualifier)
12/Oct FYR Macedonia - Russia 2 (Continental Qualifier)
12/Oct Slovakia - Republic of Ireland X (Continental Qualifier)
12/Oct Netherlands - Sweden 1 (Continental Qualifier)
12/Oct San Marino - Moldova 2 (Continental Qualifier)
12/Oct Finland - Hungary X (Continental Qualifier)
12/Oct Latvia - Georgia 1 (Continental Qualifier)
12/Oct Greece - Israel X (Continental Qualifier)
12/Oct England - Montenegro 1 (Continental Qualifier)
12/Oct Iceland - Portugal 2 (Continental Qualifier)
12/Oct Denmark - Cyprus 1 (Continental Qualifier)
12/Oct Scotland - Spain 2 (Continental Qualifier)
12/Oct Liechtenstein - Czech Republic 2 (Continental Qualifier)
12/Oct Oman - Chile 2 (Friendly)
12/Oct New Zealand - Paraguay X (Friendly)
12/Oct Korea Republic - Japan X (Friendly)
12/Oct USA - Colombia X (Friendly)
12/Oct Ecuador - Poland X (Friendly)
12/Oct Qatar - Gabon X (Friendly)
12/Oct Mexico - Venezuela 1 (Friendly)
12/Oct Switzerland - Wales 1 (Continental Qualifier)
13/Oct Indonesia - Côte d'Ivoire 2 (Friendly)
13/Oct Dominican Republic - British Virgin Islands 1 (Continental Qualifier)
13/Oct Guyana - St. Lucia 1 (Continental Qualifier)
13/Oct Suriname - Netherlands Antilles 1 (Continental Qualifier)

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  1. Croatia - Norway on October 12 in Zagreb. Comfirmed by The Football Association of Norway.

  2. Thanks, Kjello! Will include it in the next update.

  3. Dear Sir, India will play Hong Kong on October 4 in India in a friendly. This is shown in the fifa calendar.

  4. Thanks, Abhishek! I know about this match. The next update will be posted on October 6th, just before the first October match date.

    P.S. No need to "Sir" me. "Edgar" will do just fine :)

  5. Ok Sir, oops sorry! Ok Edgar

  6. El Salvador vs Panama Oct. 8th Friendly Comfirmed by Both Federations

  7. Edgar, to games of a national team and a club count for the ranking.

  8. Only games of national teams (senior team - not youth, Olympic etc) count for the FIFA ranking.

  9. Edagar, on the 8th of October El Salvador will be playing a friendly with Panama and on the 12th a friendly with Costa Rica.
    *Note* they are both away

  10. Thanks La Selecta, but I already knew about those matches.