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Friday, September 10, 2010

FIFA Ranking: September 2010 quick update

Thailand won 2 - 1 against India in New Delhi. Thailand climb two places to 102nd, India remain 160th and are among this month's worst movers, dropping 22 places.

See the FIFA Ranking preview.

There's a friendly today between Belize and Trinidad and Tobago, but since it's after the official deadline and not a competitive match, I don't think FIFA will include it in the September ranking. It will be included in the October ranking.

In other news, the Bahrain - Togo friendly match (final score 3 - 0) will most likely be removed from the list of "A" matches since the Togolese FA had no knowledge about it. An agent has gathered some Togolese players and presented them as the Togo national team. More in Republic of Togo. Thanks Filipino Football for the info!

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