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Friday, November 4, 2011

Another small bug in the interactive ranking

Go to the FIFA ranking page and then click on Congo (not Congo DR!) and add two wins (or any other combination of results except two losses) against Sao Tome e Principe, Congo will get no points. The "T" part (for Sao Tome e Principe's ranking) is 0.

Thanks to the anonymous reader who pointed it out to me.

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  1. Woohoo!

    First time I manage to make you do a post.
    Anonymous was me, I'm Icelandic.

  2. Well, it's not mainstream media :) You're not in the New York Times yet ;)

  3. Could anybody help me with the average points of Ethiopia and Sudan for the last year (2011)...?

    MatchDate Opponent Points
    29.11.2010 UGA 0
    02.12.2010 KEN 216,72
    04.12.2010 MWI 105,78
    07.12.2010 ZAM 337,98
    12.12.2010 UGA 0
    27.03.2011 NGA 0
    28.05.2011 SUD 0
    05.06.2011 NGA 346,15
    04.09.2011 GUI 0
    04.10.2011 MWI 104,92
    08.10.2011 MAD 322,5

    1434,1 points / 11 matches
    = 130,37 average

    …but at the FIFA-site it’s
    119,5 points average


    MatchDate Opponent Points
    01.12.2010 RWA 62,78
    05.01.2011 KEN 0
    11.01.2011 COD 0
    16.01.2011 TAN 206,4
    27.03.2011 SWZ 322,5
    28.05.2011 ETH 185,76
    05.06.2011 SWZ 322,5
    25.06.2011 KEN 198,66
    19.08.2011 ERI 129
    26.08.2011 BHR 0
    04.09.2011 CGO 438,6
    08.10.2011 GHA 0

    1.866,2 points / 12 matches
    = 155,52 average

    …while FIFA has
    156,85 points average

  4. There was a friendly played between the two on oct. 1 2011 (ETH-SUD 1:2 in Addis Abeba). Sudan got 172.86 pts for this one.

  5. This match has been removed according to FIFA, as it was an "official training match" and not an "A" friendly match (same as Iraq v Lebanon match this month). It's the same old story of FIFA requiring notification of friendly matches before they take place, but not getting it until after the match has taken place and been added to their site.

  6. Thank you both for the information! :) I guess it means that FIFA has removed the match from the list, but forgot to remove the points reveived for it as well...?

    btw out of curiosity:)
    where did you got these info from, cause I could neither found that there actually was a match, nor that it has been canceled...?

  7. Hi, Edgar!

    I wanted about pots. It is clear that Croatia needs win against Turkey to move up to pot 2, droping by that Russia to pot 3.

    But what about Denmark, Portugal and France? Can you tell what Portugal (and France) needs to move up to pot 3 in place of Denmark?

  8. For me there's only one source: I try to keep up with the changes the FIFA continuously makes in their fixture-list. A monthly check is of course the official published ranking-list. Now with the new interactive site I can pinpoint differences between my calculations and FIFA's relatively easy.
    That's why for me that match was played and still counted for the ranking. I just didn't noticed that the match was removed from the list because the year-averages and points-totals still matched.

  9. Anon at 10:12, see

    Euro 2012: How play-offs affect pots done after the draw was made.

  10. Hey Edgar,

    Is it just me or have some of the higher FIFA ranks been changed (like - a lot). For the July 2011 ranks (the ones they use to seed the AFC for example). It used to be
    JPN 16, AUS 23, KOR 28, IRN 54 ... LIB 159.
    But now I go to "" and select July 2011 and AFC and get
    JPN 14, AUS 22, KOR 28, IRN 54 ... LIB 159.

    So different at the higher level.

    I actually never find Japan ranked 16 ever.


  11. @Anonymous:
    the ranks have changed due to fact that the confederation weighting for the AFC has been increased from 0.85 to 0.86, and which was backdated to August 2010...

  12. Ed and mcruic, thanks for helping EngelRS4.

    Haakon, thanks for helping Anonymous.

    EngelRS4, thanks for helping the other Anonymous.