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Friday, December 9, 2011

2014 FIFA World Cup seeding update (9 December 2011)

Next update: February or March 2012.

See more info in the original 2014 FIFA World Cup seeding post.

This is the top 20 of the intermediate October 2013 FIFA ranking:

1 Uruguay 449
2 Spain 413
3 Germany 402
4 Netherlands 390
5 Portugal 362
6 Argentina 360
7 Croatia 346
8 Brazil 343
9 England 342
10 Chile 324
11 Denmark 314
12 Italy 299
13 Republic of Ireland 288
14 Japan 287
15 Greece 286
16 Czech Republic 281
17 France 274
18 Australia 269
19 Iraq 259
20 Russia 255

Mexico (27), USA (52).

Portugal and Croatia replace England and Italy in the list of seeds.

Right now, the seeds for the 2014 World Cup would be: Brazil, Spain, Uruguay, Germany, Netherlands, Portugal, Argentina and Croatia.

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  1. hi , can i ask what is this about ??

    i mean does iraq realy in 19th ?

    i need an answer ....

  2. Yes, in the provisional October 2013 ranking, Iraq are 19th. However, they will drop after the next round draw, when I will add the final group stage matches as defeats for all AFC teams.

  3. Eduard,
    first of all, congratulations on the great job you do here.
    I may have missed in previous posts, but have just had a though after looking at the October 2013 rankings:
    1) Which impact will the fact that Copa America had been played a year before the Euro ?
    2) Although the SA teams will have (mostly) played more qualifiers, will this have a significant impact ?

  4. Adriano,

    EURO teams will play plenty of friendlies before the EURO so this will somehow lessen the impact.

    Also, EURO 2012 will be more than 12 months old in Oct 2013, while CA 2011 will be two years behind, so the EURO will be 1.66 more valuable than CA 2011.

    If the draw would take place in October 2012 the EURO will be twice as valuable.

    I don't think the impact will be significant.