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Friday, February 1, 2013

January 2013 FIFA Ranking: Discrepancy between results and points

As Ed noticed, there is a problem with Burkina Faso (and Bahrain and Congo). FIFA awarded a FIFA World Cup qualifier played in June 2012 to Congo (the result on the field was 0:0). FIFA also removed the friendly Bahrain - Burkina Faso (0:0 on December 26th, 2012), before the ranking was released. The points for Burkina Faso are computed as if these changes were ignored.

Why does Burkina Faso stand out? Because there were other games removed including 4 Angola friendlies. However, when you look at the "Points last month" section for Angola, those games appear in the list (and will be removed in the February 2013 ranking).

The Bahrain game doesn't appear in Burkina Faso's "Point last month" section, but the points are computed with this game included. Without the Bahrain draw, Burkina Faso's points would have been 396, 7 more than the current 389.

I wrote to FIFA about it and after explaining them twice the issue, I received a "We will check this with" reply. That was 9 days ago.

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