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Friday, August 2, 2013

Premier league work permit update (August 2013)

See my previous post about the work permit.

I can't quite explain why the FIFA ranking averages published by the FA are one month behind. When the FA release their next ranking of averages, three countries will break in the top 70.

So if you're looking for a player from Uzbekistan, Cape Verde Islands or Albania this would be a good time to apply for a work permit.

In September, Burkina Faso and Belarus will drop out of the top 70.

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  1. Why Burkina Faso will drop out of the top 70 ???

  2. this mean that Burkina Faso will lose more then 100 point!!

    maybe they win there match in September??

    1. They won't drop out of the top 70 in the current ranking -- but rather in the average of the last 24 months' rankings.

      As you can see in the document Edgar linked to, they currently have the 67th-best average, having spent the year between the last two AfCON tournaments outside the top 70 of the ranking (as low as 92nd).

    2. (Ignore this comment; just testing a different version of my link...


      ...yep, that gives a cleaner result for just BFA.)

  3. For obvious reasons, I took note of this guy's name a few years back, Albania's best player I believe: