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Friday, June 10, 2016

FIFA Ranking: July 2016 probable results

Here are the probable results used for the July 2016 probable ranking. They are generated using the Elo Ratings

Before posting comments like: "Hey my team actually beat the other team! It's a mistake!" please read the previous paragraph again and look when these results were posted (Yes, before the matches actually took place!) ;) 

10/Jun Argentina - Panama 1 (Continental Final)
10/Jun Chile - Bolivia 1 (Continental Final)
10/Jun France - Romania 1 (Continental Final)
11/Jun Albania - Switzerland 2 (Continental Final)
11/Jun Colombia - Costa Rica 1 (Continental Final)
11/Jun England - Russia 1 (Continental Final)
11/Jun New Zealand - Papua New Guinea 1 (FIFA World Cup™ Qualifier)
11/Jun Seychelles - Madagascar 2 (Friendly)
11/Jun USA - Paraguay 1 (Continental Final)
11/Jun Wales - Slovakia 2 (Continental Final)
11/Jun Zimbabwe - Swaziland 1 (Friendly)
12/Jun Benin - Equatorial Guinea 1 (Continental Qualifier)
12/Jun Brazil - Peru 1 (Continental Final)
12/Jun Ecuador - Haiti 1 (Continental Final)
12/Jun Germany - Ukraine 1 (Continental Final)
12/Jun Lesotho - Mauritius X (Friendly)
12/Jun Malawi - Angola X (Friendly)
12/Jun Poland - Northern Ireland 1 (Continental Final)
12/Jun Turkey - Croatia X (Continental Final)
13/Jun Belgium - Italy X (Continental Final)
13/Jun Madagascar - Zimbabwe 2 (Friendly)
13/Jun Mexico - Venezuela 1 (Continental Final)
13/Jun Republic of Ireland - Sweden X (Continental Final)
13/Jun Spain - Czech Republic 1 (Continental Final)
13/Jun Swaziland - Seychelles 1 (Friendly)
13/Jun Uruguay - Jamaica 1 (Continental Final)
14/Jun Angola - Lesotho 1 (Friendly)
14/Jun Argentina - Bolivia 1 (Continental Final)
14/Jun Austria - Hungary 1 (Continental Final)
14/Jun Chile - Panama 1 (Continental Final)
14/Jun Mauritius - Malawi 2 (Friendly)
14/Jun Portugal - Iceland 1 (Continental Final)
15/Jun France - Albania 1 (Continental Final)
15/Jun Romania - Switzerland X (Continental Final)
15/Jun Russia - Slovakia X (Continental Final)
15/Jun Swaziland - Madagascar X (Friendly)
15/Jun Zimbabwe - Seychelles 1 (Friendly)
16/Jun Angola - Mauritius 1 (Friendly)
16/Jun Colombia - Ecuador 1 (Continental Final)
16/Jun England - Wales 1 (Continental Final)
16/Jun Germany - Poland 1 (Continental Final)
16/Jun Malawi - Lesotho 1 (Friendly)
16/Jun Ukraine - Northern Ireland 1 (Continental Final)
17/Jun Czech Republic - Croatia X (Continental Final)
17/Jun Italy - Sweden 1 (Continental Final)
17/Jun Papua New Guinea - Malaysia 1 (Friendly)
17/Jun Spain - Turkey 1 (Continental Final)
17/Jun USA - Brazil 2 (Continental Final)
18/Jun Argentina - Venezuela 1 (Continental Final)
18/Jun Belgium - Republic of Ireland 1 (Continental Final)
18/Jun Iceland - Hungary X (Continental Final)
18/Jun Mexico - Chile X Mexico PSO (Continental Final)
18/Jun Namibia - Botswana 1 (Friendly)
18/Jun Portugal - Austria 1 (Continental Final)
18/Jun South Africa - Angola 1 (Friendly)
19/Jun Congo DR - Mozambique 1 (Friendly)
19/Jun Romania - Albania 1 (Continental Final)
19/Jun Switzerland - France 2 (Continental Final)
19/Jun Zambia - Zimbabwe X Zambia PSO (Friendly)
20/Jun Russia - Wales 1 (Continental Final)
20/Jun Slovakia - England 2 (Continental Final)
21/Jun Botswana - Mozambique X Mozambique PSO (Friendly)
21/Jun Colombia - Argentina X Argentina PSO (Continental Final)
21/Jun Croatia - Spain 2 (Continental Final)
21/Jun Czech Republic - Turkey X (Continental Final)
21/Jun Northern Ireland - Germany 2 (Continental Final)
21/Jun Ukraine - Poland X (Continental Final)
21/Jun Zimbabwe - Angola 1 (Friendly)
22/Jun Brazil - Mexico X Brazil PSO (Continental Final)
22/Jun Hungary - Portugal 2 (Continental Final)
22/Jun Iceland - Austria 2 (Continental Final)
22/Jun Italy - Republic of Ireland 1 (Continental Final)
22/Jun Namibia - Congo DR 2 (Friendly)
22/Jun New Caledonia - Malaysia 1 (Friendly)
22/Jun South Africa - Zambia 1 (Friendly)
22/Jun Sweden - Belgium 2 (Continental Final)
25/Jun England - Croatia 1 (Continental Final)
25/Jun Mexico - Colombia X Colombia PSO (Continental Final)
25/Jun South Africa - Congo DR X South Africa PSO (Friendly)
25/Jun Spain - Russia 1 (Continental Final)
25/Jun Switzerland - Ukraine X Ukraine PSO (Continental Final)
25/Jun Zimbabwe - Mozambique 1 (Friendly)
26/Jun Argentina - Brazil X Argentina PSO (Continental Final)
26/Jun Fiji - Malaysia 1 (Friendly)
26/Jun France - Poland 1 (Continental Final)
26/Jun Germany - Romania 1 (Continental Final)
26/Jun Portugal - Italy X Portugal PSO (Continental Final)
27/Jun Belgium - Turkey 1 (Continental Final)
27/Jun Slovakia - Austria X Austria PSO (Continental Final)
30/Jun Macau - Mongolia X (Friendly)
30/Jun Ukraine - Spain 2 (Continental Final)
01/Jul England - Portugal X England PSO (Continental Final)
02/Jul Germany - Belgium 1 (Continental Final)
02/Jul Mongolia - Chinese Taipei 2 (Friendly)
03/Jul France - Austria 1 (Continental Final)
04/Jul Chinese Taipei - Macau 1 (Friendly)
06/Jul Spain - England X Spain PSO (Continental Final)
07/Jul France - Germany X France PSO (Continental Final)
10/Jul France - Spain X France PSO (Continental Final)
10/Jul Nicaragua - Guatemala 2 (Friendly)

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  1. So the prediction says that both Turkey and Croatia will pass the group with 2 points.

    Even if we assume that somebody will qualify as the runner-up with 2 points, it seems very strange that 2 points would also be enough to be amongst the top 4 third placed teams.

    1. Groups E & F 3rd place teams have 1 point - based on these results.

    2. I'm sorry to say, but this if a 2-point team can advance, the method of the calculation of the results is not really realistic.

    3. it was just supposed result based on Elo ratings, so of course it woud have a difference from real

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. why isn't 7th june results included? Kirin cup

    1. included where? in july ranking or june ranking? please provide detail or link to article thanks.

    2. this post was published on 10 June, post about probable results from that day on. Kirin Cup took place on 7 June, so result of this match was included in July ranking that was posted in July probable ranking article.
      See min point and max point of Japan, Denmark or Bosnia, they are the same

  4. So you had Wales losing every match, and now they are in the semis... Good predicting