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Friday, August 1, 2008

FIFA Ranking: August 2008 trivia

Yesterday was Thursday, the deadline for matches to be included in the August 2008 FIFA Ranking calculations. FIFA may include more matches though - but no later than Sunday.

See my earlier post for the top 50 of the August 2008 FIFA World Rankings.

Mexico will have their worst ranking (32nd) since the FIFA Rankings were introduced. Their previous low point was 26th in June 2004.

Same goes for Jamaica (108th - 105th in May 2008), Faroe Islands (196th - 195th in Nov 2007), Macau (197th - 196th in Jul 2008), Central African Republic (199th - 198th in Apr 2008), Papua New Guinea (200th - 199th in Jun 2008).

San Marino match their worst ranking - 200th (first achieved in May 2008).

Belarus will reach their best ranking (56th), improving their 57th position achieved in June 2008. Rwanda (82nd - 87th first achieved in Jul 1999) and Suriname (85th - 87th first achieved in Apr 2001) also improve their best ranking record.

Israel return to their best ever position - 20th (first achieved in April 2008).

France (12th, down 2) leaves the top 10 and is replaced by Russia (10th, up 1).

Honduras (60th, down 12) and Saudi Arabia (52nd, down 3) should leave the top 50 and will be replaced by Hungary (50th, up 2) and Mali (48th, up 3).

New Caledonia, up 11 places from 126th to 115th will be the this month's best mover, followed by Trinidad and Tobago (92nd, up 10) and Qatar (72nd, up 8).

Crashing down the rankings (i.e. losing at least 10 places) are: Vietnam (165th, down 41), Panama (93rd, down 24), Iraq (76th, down 18), China (101st, down 18), Indonesia (149, down 17), Jamaica (108th, down 14), Mexico (32nd, down 13), Honduras (60th, down 12) and Swaziland (133rd, down 10).

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