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Friday, January 14, 2011

FIFA Ranking: February 2011 probable results (I)

Here are the probable results used for the February 2011 probable ranking (I). They are generated using the Elo Ratings.

1 - First team wins
X - Draw
2 - Second team wins

14/Jan Bahrain - India 1 (Continental Final)
14/Jan Australia - Korea Republic X (Continental Final)
14/Jan Panama - Belize 1 (Continental Qualifier)
14/Jan El Salvador - Nicaragua 1 (Continental Qualifier)
14/Jan Costa Rica - Honduras X (Continental Qualifier)
14/Jan Tanzania - Sudan X Tanzania PSO (Friendly)
14/Jan Congo DR - Uganda 2 (Friendly)
14/Jan Egypt - Kenya 1 (Friendly)
15/Jan Iran - Korea DPR 1 (Continental Final)
15/Jan United Arab Emirates - Iraq X (Continental Final)
16/Jan Qatar - Kuwait X (Continental Final)
16/Jan China PR - Uzbekistan X (Continental Final)
16/Jan Panama - Nicaragua 1 (Continental Qualifier)
16/Jan Guatemala - Costa Rica 2 (Continental Qualifier)
16/Jan Belize - El Salvador 2 (Continental Qualifier)
17/Jan Congo DR - Kenya 1 (Friendly)
17/Jan Egypt - Uganda 1 (Friendly)
17/Jan Saudi Arabia - Japan 2 (Continental Final)
17/Jan Jordan - Syria X (Continental Final)
18/Jan Korea Republic - India 1 (Continental Final)
18/Jan Australia - Bahrain 1 (Continental Final)
18/Jan Nicaragua - Belize X (Continental Qualifier)
18/Jan Honduras - Guatemala 1 (Continental Qualifier)
18/Jan Panama - El Salvador 1 (Continental Qualifier)
19/Jan Iraq - Korea DPR X (Continental Final)
19/Jan United Arab Emirates - Iran 2 (Continental Final)
19/Jan Botswana - Sweden 2 (Friendly)
21/Jan Nicaragua - Guatemala 2 (Continental Qualifier)
21/Jan El Salvador - Honduras 2 (Continental Qualifier)
21/Jan Panama - Costa Rica X Panama PSO (Continental Qualifier)
21/Jan Jordan - Uzbekistan X Uzbekistan PSO (Continental Final)
21/Jan Qatar - Japan 2 (Continental Final)
22/Jan Korea Republic - Iraq 1 (Continental Final)
22/Jan Australia - Iran X Australia PSO (Continental Final)
22/Jan USA - Chile X (Friendly)
23/Jan El Salvador - Costa Rica 2 (Continental Qualifier)
23/Jan Panama - Honduras X Panama PSO (Continental Qualifier)
25/Jan Uzbekistan - Korea Republic 2 (Continental Final)
25/Jan Japan - Australia X Japan PSO (Continental Final)
28/Jan Uzbekistan - Australia 2 (Continental Final)
29/Jan Japan - Korea Republic X Japan PSO (Continental Final)

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  1. why don't these include the first matches in the Asian cup, if you think the 'January 2011 probable results' dont include them either ?

  2. @Matilda: these are the probable result, so it's a prediction, dated January 14.

    The first games of the Asian Cup are already included in the probable ranking, dated January 14.