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Friday, August 19, 2011

2014 World Cup seeding: AFC 4th round

AFC have announced the draw for the 4th round will also be based on the FIFA rankings.

2014 F1FA World Cup Brazil™ - Asian Qualifiers Round 4 - Draw
The Committee decided to take the latest FIFA/Coca Cola rankings at the time of the Draw for Round 4 as F1FA Ranking has already been implemented for Round 3.

Yes, it's F1FA, not FIFA :)

The last match day of round 3 takes place on February 29, while the first match day of round 4 is scheduled for June 3.

I think the draw will take place in March, using the March FIFA ranking that will be released based on my calculations on March 15.

4 years ago, the 4 lowest seeded teams of the 10 qualified for the 4th round were placed in a single pot.

Here's the March 2012 FIFA ranking, counting scheduled games as defeats:

1 Australia 773
2 Japan 761
3 Korea Republic 709
4 Iran 582
5 China PR 515
6 Saudi Arabia 471
7 Bahrain 455
8 Qatar 448
9 Uzbekistan 444
10 Jordan 416
11 Syria 412
12 Kuwait 402
13 Iraq 384
13 United Arab Emirates 384
15 Oman 382
16 Indonesia 354
17 Thailand 342
18 Singapore 315
19 Korea DPR 314
20 Lebanon 202
Pot 1: Australia, Japan
Pot 2: Korea Republic, Iran
Pot 3: China PR, Saudi Arabia
Pot 4: Bahrain, Uzbekistan, Jordan, Kuwait

It's Kuwait instead of Qatar because there must be two teams from each group. Iran (Pot 1) and Bahrain (Pot 4) are in Group E with Qatar and Indonesia.

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  1. Syria has been disqualified and replaced by Tajikistan. Syria lodged a protest against the decision.

  2. I've read about George Mourad, but Syria are still in Group C on

  3. Nonetheless, FIFA does confirm the news.

  4. Brainless idiot. Did no one tell this clown that you can only play for one national team?

  5. what about the fifa ranking? Points of Syria and Tagikistan not seems to be corrected in the Fifa's site yet

  6. They will be corrected in the September ranking.