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Friday, August 19, 2011

FIFA visiting my blog

I noticed two weeks ago on StatCounter that I received a couple of visits from someone using Federation Internationale De Football Association as Internet provider.

See the screen shot from StatCounter.

Looking over Google Analytics it seems someone from FIFA made 5 visits in the last month: July 26, August 5, 12 (two visits) and 15.

See the screen shot from Google Analytics.

It might be the cook or the doorman, who knows? :)

Whoever you are, welcome!

Also, hello to the person from the Scottish FA that has visited my blog twice in the last month: July 22 and August 12.

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Christian, husband, father x 3, programmer, Romanian. Started the blog in March 2007. Quit in April 2018. You can find me on LinkedIn.


  1. Well, I'm sure you've thoroughly creeped that person out now :)

  2. I'm delighted to see someone from the Scottish FA looking at your site. Perhaps they will start to take the rankings seriously.

  3. @Lorric

    They seem to be OK - they've dropped by again on Aug 19 and 24.


    You never know...