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Friday, February 3, 2012

2014 FIFA World Cup seeding: AFC 4th round (3 February 2012)

AFC have confirmed about 30 minutes ago that the March FIFA ranking will be used to seed the teams for the final group round draw.

AFC haven't confirmed the draw procedure. 4 years ago, the 4 lowest seeded teams of the 10 qualified for the 4th round were placed in a single pot.

The publishing date has been brought forward by a week to 7 March so the last match day will be included in the rankings. Some might say the last match day would have been included even if the ranking would have been published on 14 March, but the draw takes places on 9 March.

If FIFA hadn't changed the publishing date, then the February FIFA ranking would had been the latest available FIFA ranking, as I wrote last Friday.

I did write on Friday to FIFA, AFC and all the involved FAs, but I can't claim the change of release date is because of me, although some people give me credit for this.


Australia - Saudi Arabia (Q)
Japan - Iceland (F), Uzbekistan (Q)
Korea Republic - Uzbekistan (F), Kuwait (Q)
Iran - Jordan (F), Qatar (Q)
Uzbekistan - Korea Republic (F), Japan (Q)
Saudi Arabia - Malaysia (F), Australia (Q)
Jordan - Iran (F), China PR (Q)
Iraq - Singapore (Q)
Qatar - Iran (Q)
Kuwait - Korea DPR (F), China PR (F), Korea Republic (Q)
Oman - India (F), Thailand (Q)
Bahrain - Indonesia (Q)
Lebanon - United Arab Emirates (Q)
Thailand - Myanmar (F), Maldives (F), Oman (Q)


Minimum points (if the team qualifies, based on qualification scenarios)
Maximum points

Australia 803 868
Japan 715 812
Korea Republic 658 751
Iran 545 633
Uzbekistan 424 533
Saudi Arabia 372 479
Jordan 412 479
Iraq 423 443
Qatar 364 436
Kuwait 404 432
Oman 355 381
Bahrain 373 373
Lebanon 277 311
Thailand 261 280

Australia are safe in the first pot, while Japan could be overtaken by Korea Republic.

Iran stuck in the second pot.

A look at the other teams later today (if I have the time) or next week.

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