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Friday, February 24, 2012

2014 FIFA World Cup seeding: AFC 4th round (24 February 2012)

Next update: 2 March 2012.

AFC have confirmed the March FIFA ranking will be used to seed the teams for the final group round draw.

AFC haven't confirmed the draw procedure. 4 years ago, the 4 lowest seeded teams of the 10 qualified for the 4th round were placed in a single pot.


Australia - Saudi Arabia (Q)
Japan - Iceland (F), Uzbekistan (Q)
Korea Republic - Uzbekistan (F), Kuwait (Q)
Iran - Qatar (Q)
Uzbekistan - Korea Republic (F), Japan (Q)
Iraq - Singapore (Q)
Jordan - China PR (Q)
Kuwait - Korea Republic (Q)
Saudi Arabia - Australia (Q)
Oman - Thailand (Q)
Qatar - Iran (Q)
Bahrain - Indonesia (Q)
Lebanon - United Arab Emirates (Q)
Thailand - Maldives (F), Oman (Q)


Minimum points (if the team qualifies, based on qualification scenarios)
Maximum points

Australia 803 868
Japan 715 812
Korea Republic 658 751
Iran 554 615
Uzbekistan 424 533
Iraq 423 443
Jordan 420 464
Kuwait 409 409
Saudi Arabia 388 492
Oman 363 381
Qatar 364 435
Bahrain 373 373
Lebanon 277 310
Thailand 274 283

Australia are safe in the first pot, while Japan could be overtaken by Korea Republic.

Iran stuck in the second pot.

Kuwait out of the battle for third pot.

Uzbekistan, Iraq, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Qatar fighting to be in the third pot.

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  1. @Edgar
    Jordan have chance even to go for Pot 2, If: (Jordan win over China,KSA don't win over Aus,UZB lost to JPN or have 2 Draws with JPN&KOR, and IF KOR don't qualify). It is not easy,but nothing impossible..I hope that :-)

  2. Well, it seems that the removed match between Lebanon and Iraq on Jan 22nd (due to which Iraq will have +17 pts and Lebanon -7 pts in the next ranking), won’t have an influence on the pot allocation:

    1. Australia 868
    2. Korea Republic 751
    3. Japan 740
    4. Iran 574
    5. Uzbekistan 502
    6. Iraq 460 (instead of 443)
    7. Jordan 420
    8. Qatar 388
    9. Oman 381
    10. Lebanon 270 (instead of 277)

    1. @EngelRS4
      What is the reason that Iraq & Lebanon removed? no sign in FIFA that it is removed? I think FIFA Should control FIFA "A" Matches,not any team would like to remove the match so can do it.
      Regarding Japan will be considered in POT 5, to avoid overlapping with "Continenets Cup" in Jun,2013. Please I need more details of this topic,how Draw will be for JPN?

    2. well, I would like to help you, but I don't really know what you mean, because I only read that the dates will be adjusted in a way to avoid Japan playing on June 18th...

      but my guess is that this won't have an effect on the pot allocation, but that the dates of the group matches will be decided according to which group Japan will be drawn... (so if they are in Group A, then Group B will play on June 18th, and vice versa)

  3. There will be 5 teams in both groups, so every matchday one team are resting. They just make fixture were Japan rests in 18th June.

    1. Thanks...but there is link in AFC web site the clarify JPN POT 5 special case, and matches schedules details(e.g A4 Vs A5,B1 Vs B2,...etc).

      I appreciate if somebody have this link,to post it.

  4. Well, I don't have that link but as I said fixture will be like that, Japan will rest 18th June

    In fixture Japan is position (not pot)5 team in A or B group but in draw Japan is in Pot 2.

    And in fixture both group position 5 team rests 18th June, ok?

  5. is good..somehow is complicated.
    As example, if Japan in Position 5/Pot 2, what about other team in same group will be?? Jordan,Originally in POT 4. If Jordan will be in the same group with Japan,whay it will be the POT/Position??